Vaping cbd

Cbd isolate w vg/pg or mct for vaping plz? Which is preferred I’ve seen both mentioned but I have a hard time accepting it’s ok to smoke coconut oil but I’m willing to believe the fractionated kind is ok if someone here tells me they’ve done it.


Please do not vape any MCT OIL. I dilute CBD isolate in warm PG… I also dilute CBD isolate and THC powder in MCT oil for an oral tincture.


Thx that’s my instinct as well and I don’t understand why I’m seeing so many references to it and stores saying that’s how they make and sell their cbd and or thx vape stuff. I thought maybe something discovered since I first learned about vaping but this is my first experience w cbd and I don’t do the thc either so I never learned how to make that vape juice but pretty sure it’s w mct is what I remember I just didn’t realize mct was in fact fractionated coconut oil and why if it’s not ok has someone not called it out. Very perplexing for me.

The difference in the benefits in the amount of cbd that actually goes to your bloodstream is significant and the isolate isn’t cheap and was hoping to find someone w some experience that currently vaped it and made it or maybe be directed where I might find those ppl maybe. Tyvm :wink:


It can be purchased for cheap with high quality. I used to run the CBD subreddit for awhile. I always made my vapes with PG/VG 50/50 mix but after awhile i decided i like the effects better when used sublingually. For this i just add isolate to MCT oil, heat and shake.

5g CBD Isolate for 15 bucks here: Buy CBD Isolate Powder | 99% Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabidiol

Ive purchased from them several times, exceptional quality.


Wish we could get something like that in Michigan, no isolates, no powders. Tons of RSO tho and that is what i mix in my CBD/THC/MCT tinctures.


I thought you guys were a recreational state?
This company may ship to you.


We are but where i am at products are limited as i live in the middle of no where. Ive seen all manner of stuff, rosins, resins, hash, edibles, vapes, flower, all sorts of concentrates but no isolates at all. Once the state went Recreational the bottom dropped out for the med side so even CBD products are rarish.

Maybe if i drove down state to a city but that is at least an 8 hour drive one way AND we would have to cross the bridge of horror.

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