has anyone ordered from this company ??? i placed an order friday and the only reply i have gotten is the order confirmation the next day thats pretty slow imo

I have never used this company before, but it looks pretty legit…on a google search of the site my Norton antivirus says that the site is a good one…I always look at my Norton antivirus protection and I won’t go to sites that it says may not be safe, but it says this one is good…I know this doesn’t have anything to do with ordering something from them, but the way I look at it is that if they were a sketchy operation their website would probably also be sketchy…idk, just a thought

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finally today i have confirmation :slight_smile:


Same here using Webroot. Positive search result for the site.


so here is what took ao longb, i had to show my id soi sent pic they had to verify so my irder shipped yesterday to me that a long time almost a full week for one mod but its all good now ty for looking i to this you guys/gals

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