Vaping companies accountability

I’m posting this on purpose in Health and advocacy since the concerns I want to raise here can be related directly to our health.

In the past few months I saw a ‘trend’ among certain vaping companies to market certain items without fully disclosing what they are, and creating a hype around them.

The products that I have issues with are coils and wicking. Let’s look at three examples.

  1. VooPoo have a new coil out there. They won’d disclose what is the material since it’s a trade secret. We all know that certain materials are safe to use as coil, and others that might sound like a brilliant idea are just outright dangerous. Not to mention people having sensitivities to certain metals (nickel anyone?)

  2. Smok releases new coils with anti-bacterial cotton inside. What is this anti bacterial cotton? What process was used to make it anti-bacterial, and how safe are they to vape? I tried to inquire on the subject but all i got was the sound of crickets

  3. Agletted cotton (many companies make it now). It’s super convenient but nobody ever mentioned what kind of process is used to create it, and what kind of residue is left on the cotton after the manufacturing. After all, none of us want to inhale stuff that might be potentially really bad for us.

What do you folks think should be done (and whether can it be done in the first place)


I think what can be done is exactly what you are doing here attempting to bring things to the attention of vapers. Asking for regulation form a gooberment is cutting our own throat. Depending solely on reviewers to catch all of this is not a reasonable expectation. A tangential note to that, having called out manufacturers, I have been dropped from the reviewers list. Making too big an issue of it will only fuel the anti’s.


God knows, we don’t need any more government interference (regs) in this industry. Standards of disclosure WOULD be nice, but how do we force that ??

Personally if something is unknown in a product, and I contact the manufacturer, and they do not respond, or respond without responding, I typically choose to spend my money elsewhere.


Last thing I want to see is government regulation. I was talking more of the vaping community as whole and first of all talking about these issues, and raising awareness.


All we can do is trying to give them a hard time and call them out on such shady business practice where we are not properly informed as consumers. While the active users of vaping communities might be a fairly small amount of potential costumers, we can have a quite big impact because many of us are also the ones who recommend things to our vaping friends who arent active in vaping communities.

Anyway, as i wrote in another topic, i dont think a company as @VOOPOOTech should be allowed to use ELR as advertising source, when they refuse to disclose information on things that could actually affect our health.


I think this is the an excellent form of regulation. Very good. I loath government oversight.


Voopoo’s sketchy behavior deserves its own thread lol mods have had to delete threads they have created with fake accounts trying to hype the new drag, and even responding to their own shitpost with another fake account from the same IP address lol.


Also, the agleted cotton is not something I would ever buy, but you make a very good point to question how that works, is it just heat or is an adhesive used? And if it is heat does the plastic used release anything when heated?


Many people do buy it, and some friends of mine swear by it. Even I have a few packs of it, and it’s super convenient. Thats why I would like to know how exactly it’s made, are there adhesives in it, what is the plastic on the tips …


There’s a little bit of “pick your battles” in this too. I wish more people would “report” when their mod goes “up in Smok” e.g. “autofire”. I wish mods would read 85W instead of 200W when they have reached max voltage applied to resistance and in fact can only provide 85W at that resistance. I wish TC had some kind of qualification. And then their’s battery ratings, absolutely FUBAR. Obviously this is just a short example list but we as vapers put up with a lot of shit.

This is not to diminish the value of the overt issues brought up in this thread, but the problem is fairly wide spread and blooming. I would love to see a lid put on this crap.


Thankfully we have mooch dealing with the batteries, if only we had someone that had the equipment to quantify tc functions…perhaps a creature that is not known for its smile, but yet smiles nonetheless…that person/creature could be a pillar of the testing community;)


While I appreciate the confidence you express, I’m really not the person for that job. Someone more dedicated to full time involvement with the vaping community would be needed. I don’t know that we have anyone set up to operate in a suitable fashion. DJLSB is probably the closest but only reviews what he is sent. That’s not a slight, as any full time endeavor needs to be profitable to exist but a different business model would be needed to absorb the purchase of devices reviewed as well as much more industry monitoring performed. This would obviously not be a one man operation and would be more akin to Consumer Reports. Definitely beyond my scope.


Right when I heard this term mentioned I googled it and found there is no such thing as agleted cotton. I assumed it is a term they made up to promote their product. Instead I use “Slacker Cotton Hardcover”.

Now flavors IMO should be required to be disclosed more freely than they are.


It’s not made up.
It’s just most folks don’t know (or look up) the proper terms for everyday items.

They are on the ends of most shoelaces, jacket draw-strings, hoodies, etc etc.

They’ve been around for decades on end.
Some are bonded (glued), some are crimped, etc.
Many ways to accomplish the securing of fabric from fraying and unraveling…

Anyways, FWIW, the Wotofo agleted cotton that I received (won) was not bonded or adhered in any way. And it’s not a heat-shrink type tubing, so there’s really no risk that I can foresee of chemical injected fumes etc to worry about during a heat shrink process…

It appears to be simply slid on during the process. This could easily be accomplished by machinery (compress the cotton, then slide the tube over the end… But again, I’m not saying it’s guaranteed that this is the case. Just that I believe it to be a minimal threat (if any at all).


Doesn’t plastic in any form produce harmful chemicals when burned? I remember as a kid everyone always said don’t burn plastic.


You remove the aglet after you have threaded the coil


Okay nice. I was hoping there was more to it. Seemed kinda weird to me.


Soooooo shoelace cotton was already taken then ???


Should we leave the jokes up to @SessionDrummer?


this aglet wick thingy is my type of thing … is cotton bacon doing it yet