Vaping Dead?

No, not a post about zombies who vape.

I like to tinker with broken stuff. It’s kind of how I learn how things work. What my thought was that a bunch of us might be interested in other people’s broken vape hardware that can be reused/fixed/repurposed and wanted to know if anyone else would be interested. We could post what we have that we would like to get rid of or post a request for something we need that someone else might throw out. Price would be up to the individuals buying and selling.
For example: I’m looking for an RX200 body. I was putting in a new 510 connector and the grinder got away from me and I gouged the top. It bugs me to no end seeing it. The board is fine but I need a new center body piece. I also have an ileaf TC100W that has a bad board. If there is one out there with a bad 510 connector or bad firing button, I’d be interested.
What do you all think? Is it worth starting? I just had an idea that I thought I would throw out there…


i too love to tinker, especially when u think it is no use anymore to see how it works. I think that is great idea but since i am recently new to the whole scene, i dont have anything nice to offer just yet.

will be next tube type unregulated desk, similar to
so i do enjoy tinkering w/ what i have


Nothing like messing with something and yelling:


This is a great idea. I’d be interested in watching what goes on in this thread. Keep em coming. I may have some things, but I really don’t think there is anything I don’t use.


Worm, that second pic is tight AF. Love it.


Maybe @daath could make a “Trader” subject like the “The Pub” or the “Basement” where it could be made clear people do this at their own risk? I have a bone yard full of drippers and old tanks myself…

We do have a Trade-section:

People just need to add some text to their posts :slight_smile:


Bring out your dead!


I am very duh. lol

yeah, I hope it pans out. My goal is to fix up what would otherwise be sent to the trash. I don’t really trade because my buddy gets first dibs on my unwanted working equipment. His wife recently had a baby and they need every penny. I try to help by giving him mods and other equipment that he doesn’t have to pay for.
A few months ago I found a badly scuffed istick 50w with a really crusty 510. Cleaned it up, tested it and gave it an alligator skin wrap then gave it to a client who really wanted to quit the cigs. He’s still using it.