Vaping forum

Just wanted to share 2 sites about vaping. Check them out if you are interested. I am a member and i know @woftam is one also. Don’t know if there are any other members on ELR.
If i overstepped by posting this just take my post down, its all cool.



May be legit, maybe not. Hard to tell, but I’m always suspicious of sites that show you absolutely nothing before you “register” and give up your email address to harvesting.

So I used “10 minute email” and tried to register. Did not receive a response within the 10 minute window. Moved on.

FIY: is handy for these situations.

Edit: Why did this OP show up as “new” with activity 9h ago when there is no apparent activity since Feb 17?

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There was a spammy post on the thread which looks to be deleted. is a good forum with a great bunch of people. has sort of fallen by the wayside for me.