Vaping Hardware Wholesale?

Hi I live in Canada. I run a website and have primarily focused on E liquids and am looking to opem a B&M. Really hoping any gracious vendors could point me in the right direction as far as wholesaling hardware. Websites? Reputable sellers? Please help i will not go the fasttech route

Anyone? Please need suggestions from owners of B&M as to where to get hardware wholesale

I’m not a B&M owner and don’t really know vendors in the US, but you could use It can be tricky, but if you have someone who can speak Chinese at hand, everything works fine.

I’m sure there are wholesalers that wholesale devices for a charge. The other route is to go direct to the company. Aspire for example has a wholesaler link on their website, and so on.

I started digging into whole sale prices when researching pricing. You just need to poke around.

Thank you but yes they are frustrating to deal with :frowning: