Vaping hearings In the usa (live)

The juul witch hunt live (also the dude speaking atm is called mr cloud lmao)

2:42:27 :open_mouth: gotta be kidding!!

but thanks for the link, will watch tonight.


Don’t worry, it’s a little less than 2h long, nothing going on the first 38-something minutes and the last as well.


It’s amazing how some parents confuse teenage rebellious behavior to symptoms of nicotine addiction. As long as they can blame someone or something else, not their own or their kids, everything is fine.
These kids that witness against Juul… they said they were smoking before starting with vaping, yet it’s all Juul’s fault? Where is the logic… my my.
And these “doctors” saying there’s growing evidence of the stepping stone theory (evolving from vaping to tobacco)… this has been disproved what, 50 years ago? What a farce these people are trying to make out of it. This should go straight in that thread of the most ridiculous things you’ve heard about vaping.


Im flying around too much on line, and have too many things offline to get done today… grrr…
I need a maid, landscaper, mechanic and painter atm lolol :stuck_out_tongue: will skim it tonight. :slight_smile:

but pretty much yes, it is how you raise your kids… Mine wont drink smoke or vape… I dont know what the heck I did to get him to see it… but I guess all the b&m’s my mixing etc… must have done some kind of good. :slight_smile:


I know some of the testimony was just pure rubbish but it appeared to me the panel was more pro than anti vaping (but all anti JUUL). I do like that a couple of times the doctors were called out on their made up figures.


Thanks for the heads up. Maybe some day the vaping community with all the scientists and medical doctors create a hearing to promote vaping, It’s seems like the ANTZ (=Anti Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots) have our side always defending vaping. Wouldn’t be nice to put the ANTZ on the defensive and expose their alliterative motives?
The best defense is a great offense.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the media

These days kids vape just about anything and then blame it on a harmless e-juice so mommy and daddy won’t kick their asses for whatever they tried to get high on…

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