Vaping in a nutshell

I see this happen to a lot of new people that get into vaping. They need the latest and greatest NOW!! I know a ton of us started on the eGo One setups with the rayon string cartos. We learned from that and moved on to bigger things. Tell you what happened there, experience. I think that new people need to have those experiences so they can appreciate the vaping industry as a whole. To know what it is like to have an entire tank just bust out and to get creative with your last bit of juice. It makes you creative in ways you never would have thought of.
Now we have so many options and everyone has an opinion on those options. To much information overload on the new persons brain.
Here is the best advice I can give you all. Do not just rush out there and get your hands on everything. GET BACK TO VAPE SCHOOL AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Seriously though, do a bit of reading. Ask people hey is this right for me and tell them why you are asking this. Honestly I do not know you from Adam, so sure ask me if that is right for with no follow up. I will not be able to help you, neither will anybody else.
Okay when you get your device, study it. Watch tutorials on this device. Don’t just throw it away because of the first time it leaked on you. Shit happens, figure out what YOU did wrong. Learn from it, and make that device yours. Again do your homework. Ask questions, hey I tried this, is there a better way. Do not give up because it did not work right the fuckin first time. Grab your set of nuts or lips and get going again. Learn how to do it right. Will you fail, FUCK YES!!! What will you do with that failure, sit and whine. No get up do it again.
DIY flavors. For God’s sake we do not know what you like without you telling us. Nobody has there ESPN wired right to know you and every single taste bud you have. Tell us what you like and we can steer you in the right direction. Will every recipe be good the first time out, FUCK NO!!! I have made some horrible concoctions. But that gave me experience.
For all the new people, ask questions, but give us a history of you so we know what you have tried and failed at. Also get in there and get er done. Try, try again, and again and again and again. Practice and tweaking is what makes vaping to me a labor of love.
I love vaping and the experience it has given me.
Sorry for the rant it is just something that happened at work with a guy at work that quit vaping because he was lazy.


An old expression…nothing happens until somebody does something.

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We officially have an old skool. Which is cool.



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:+1: in a nut shell love every word of this i bet you could have went on couldnt you ??? lmao

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Maybe. Not sayin. I just see time wasted and no fuckin appreciation for that time with a lot of people. Not all, you know who you are. I hit a boiling point the other day and it festered into the manifesto before you.


This Skullblade789 guy sat me down one day and had a talk with me. Actually he sent me a private message. Outside of of someone from a B&M he was the first person to help me.

I’ve been vaping for 2.5 years and didn’t even know what vaping was until he told me to STFU and listen. So I listened. And I’m having the best vaping experience in last few months than I ever had before. And I’ve just started to scratch the surface.

Always been straight forward and to the point with me. Never sugar coating anything. Thankful to call him a friend.

He also told me to check the forums at ELR. Glad he did. Great and knowledgeable people here.


Thanks bro.


To me the biggest problem with the new folks or introducing a newbie to vaping is their lungs cant handle the monster hit a sub ohm set up throws out.

I’m jealous of the new folks because they didn’t have to amass a bone yard full of old 1.8 ohm defective kanger set ups and all the money I spent I spent on liquid back then… but it was how my lungs learned how to vape. My lungs had to “learn” how to chuck clouds over a long period of time.

Even though we know from experience they need to probably start with a Cleito and maybe an innokin mod to get going properly, a lot of them cant handle the amount of vapor.


Vaping in a nutshell
Could be all a newbie should have to know is the flavor of juice he wants to taste (pref. tobacco) and at what nic strength based on how many smokes a day (50/50 PG/VG and functioning simple device is a given).

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I agree, (Research and Ask)…Today there a lot of forums, helpful ppl, you-tube, FB groups,and other soc med. and just good reads, I started on a Riva with those damn strings, and the carto tanks and hole punching …I friggin hated it! I started 7 yrs ago…The devices now making quitting so much easier, but I did it the day my Riva came in the mail I was smoke free from that day til now…And I researched everything for months before that (I tend to overdo that with everything, then I buy months later)…lol …Research overload is right…I read so much I had dreams at night…I did not jump the gun with much …a few low end mods that gave me more then the Riva as I got more used to vaping…However 7 yrs later and a small fortune invested …Hell yeah, I bought lots…but I earned it…I actually quit smoking which saved my life (no more inhalors/neb.) after 40 or so yrs of 2 pks a day…It is my passion and will try to convert a smoker if they so wish to be…but I will not push anyone …I have recently set up 2 ppl who have been smoke free for a few months now…they wanted something that was like smoking (M2L) as did I when I first started…Now …I do not like M2L…My advice is take it slow you will change up your game a few times, like new and different things, and be wowed every time… , so much good stuff out now, and there will be more and more (hopefully) …Vape Happy everyone! sorry so long…got on the rant bandwagon…


Not ex bong-smokers. Haha

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Or current.


Well said. You can’t help everyone, you just kind of hope that the one you did help will pass along the knowledge.


A guy at work saw me taking a vape break, and came over to talk. He wants to quit smoking. He said his buddy recommended he start at 100 watts and some multi coil tank, so he could get ‘max clouds’ as he phrased it. He asked what I thought he should get.

I told him to get a new buddy.

Personally, I think the lessons learned, starting low & slow are invaluable. They don’t start new drivers in dragsters or new pilots in Learjets.

Just my two cents.


I think a cheap higher ohm coil and lower wattage to start and then build up. To me you also have better luck with no PG. You lungs have to learn to inhale steam and the PG actually burned my lungs. (injury)

Pot smokers are the exception. For some reason, the pot smokers I know are usually chucking clouds in no time lol

A good vape mentor explains to a grasshopper success with vaping isn’t a “buy one kit” and done thing. Most people have to evolve through 2-3 kits to get a good experience that makes them quit permanently. But that’s just my opinion.


I agree. Everyone should find their own comfort zone. They will make the necessary changes in wattage, resistance, ratios, equipment, as they go along, as long as they have the patience & willingness to learn. We all did. That’s part of the whole experience, and what’s so cool about vaping. The different combinations are virtually endless, and sometimes it’s just a small change in something and we say ‘oh yeahhh that’s what I was looking for’.

I started at 50/50 then tried 70V / 30P and seemed to lose some flavor, and then found a happy medium at 60V / 40P where I’ve been for the last year. I would always try and change one thing at a time, understand what those changes did, and move on to the next variable. Eventually I started to zero in on what gave me the most satisfaction. I had 3 goals. Keep me off the cigs. It had to be enjoyable, flavor-wise, and it had to be economical (my cheapskate gene). Everyone has their own goals and expectations for vaping, and I think they’re all pretty much within reach if one takes their time.

If I could pick the most important ingredient in vaping, it would be patience.


Whenever I read the title of this thread an image of like a small furry animal curled up in a nutshell, vaping away comes to me. Deranged.


You’ve been hitting the bong again haven’t you…


Cough*, cough@ no I haven’t