Vaping in it me..?

Is it me, or does all your glass get gunked up from vaping real fast?? Way more than when I was smoking!!

I have been spending a lot of time in my truck lately for work & such.

I am neurotic about having clean glass especially my windshield for night driving.

It seems like I can’t keep my glass clean and have to almost clean it.

I use windex & invisible glass.



Yea. Definitely. I’m in there weekly with glass cleaner and paper towels, all windows. Even with the windows or sunroof open, it sticks around. Definitely do not use Rain-X or other hydrophobic cleaner on the inside, ever. Just keep on cleanin’.

I’ve seen wands that make the job easier. I think Walgreens had them.


Yep, the PG and VG leave a residue when they settle on things.


I usually drive a mini van, so there’s lots of room for the vapor to whip around and get diluted and the windows don’t get too bad. But holy shit… when I drive my husband’s little hyundai its like a hot box and the windows get so gross so fast. He gets pretty annoyed when I drive his car…lol
I’m thinking I should get some windex wipes to keep in his glove box for when I’m in there.


Rolling the windows down a bit helps but I still get residue. Plus 0 degree weather doesn’t help any.


That and I noticed when pasta water steam hits my glasses it looks pretty cruddy. And plastic shades feel tacky.


I only do MTL in my car, and I crack the window open a bit and blow out of it… But yes, it leaves a nasty film on windows, also at home… :confused:


Had this trouble for a couple of years now and the thing that REALLY helps is wipes with alcohol (Clorox). Windex just pushes the smudge around whereas with Clorox, you wipe it and follow it up with a dry towel and THEN you use windex/ glass cleaner.


I thought it was just the winter cold and snow that’s causing the fog on the inside of the windscreen lol.
Learn something new everyday. I’m sure it just adds to it though. Never had an issue in warmer climate. But since I moved over to the colder area it has.


I leave the car window open half way all the time when im driving, habit from last ‘habit’ and i only vape when im moving so it all gets sucked out pretty much, although I did once whilst sat at a crossroads let out a massive fluffy as I turned my head the other way to check the traffic as I pulled forward…scary couple of panic filled blind seconds let me tell you…more so for my mother in the passenger seat :see_no_evil:


Gotta try a few of these cleaning suggestions. Especially with colder weather my glass is a real film magnet. Seems like two vapes and the lights of oncoming traffic are already blooming. Really condenses fast. Really don’t like the windows down. Messes to much with Beethoven’s more quite passages.


I have one of these. Makes it easy to clean the hard to reach front windshield.


Ditto, does a good job, and cheap too. (Sounds like me).


I can hardly drive at night anyway, but after less than a week, I have the sticky windshield.
I also know the feeling that @Steampugs got when letting loose a cloud and turning goes so horrifyingly wrong, even with the windows open.


Huge thread about this not long ago. Not much can be done. Either vape in the car and deal with the mess or avoid it. You can use a cig filter thing or clean the windows simple green, water and vinegar


As a lot of us are ex-smokers, vape residue is not nearly as bad as brown tobacco residue.


I got this and it really helps out a lot but I also have the window cracked an inch or two.


Looks like the price went up considerably but it’s better than just having the window cracked

  1. use vent visors, crack window, blow out window
  2. Turn on air to medium, DO NOT RECIRCULATE, pull air from outside.
  3. dont use windex wipes, they suck - commercial grade Windex from Lowes/Home Depot works well, but its nasty stuff chemically speaking

With these I commute 3hrs a day in the snow and clean my tiny car every 6 weeks in winter, never in summer.

Humidity makes a big difference. Watch how quickly clouds dissipate when the humidity is low versus high.


Thanks folks,

Well I glad I am not the only one.

Smoking was not at all this bad on my glass… but we know it is worse for our body.

I have vent visors, they work good but don’t cure it.

Living & driving in NYC I always recirculate as not to get a truck full of diesel exhaust all day,
I will have to try that

After suffering a heart attack 2 months ago, everything seems to concern me a bit more I stopped chucking clouds with nicotine I only make 0 for that now, and MTL / restrictive lung hits 1.5 mostly.

So with all of this gumming up our glass, what actually stays in our lungs??

Merry Christmas