Vaping In Disguise

Does anyone know of a mod or vape pen that is disguised? I have a friend starting an office job, and he was looking for a vape disguised as a pen or perhaps an inhaler.

I looked around and the only vapes I found disguised as inhalers were for the devils lettuce, lol.

I saw a couple of vape pens with pen caps, but I am sure if he handed it to anyone, he would want it to function as an actual pen, otherwise it might be trouble.

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I guess this wouldn’t work for an office job.


The tricky part about that is that the person still needs to exhale…making any attempt to be sneaky pointless. If he can’t wait for a “smoke break” he could always use the washroom, and exhale the vapor into a clean cloth. The cloth catches all the vapour, no clouds. It might smell like you are trying to hide something though…


I totally need one of those for work!!! :rofl: There are quite a few folks around my workplace that will rat me out for vaping indoors… it is a constant 62 degrees in the theatre performing arts complex (the maintenance dudes haven’t read the manual on how to control the temp in the building, since we got a new $8 million upgrade on the heat and air system in the facility)… so, I’m perpetually dressed for winter weather inside. This hoodie would certainly foot the bill for stealth ninja vaping! :sunglasses:


I have already solved the smokeless part for him, I made a juice that is 100% PG and leaves no vapor if held in for only a few seconds. I got the idea from around here when I saw a thread on a vaporless vape, actually.

I had to nic it to a pretty high level (18 to 24) as well so it was satisfying/ wouldn’t require a large draw that created any visible clouds. This also solves the issue of not needing a lot of power from the device.

Been testing this on smaller devices with him, just need one that is discrete now.


Wow, you’ve thought this through. My hat is off to you sir. :tophat:


Might get some good ideas here


You can buy the altoids tin mod here

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Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Especially if it is one of those cubie farms where everybody is in everybody else’s business.



I think he is being too ballsy, but I couldn’t resist being the devils advocate and helping out.


…this is a necessity for me at the theatre… high PG & nic content in the mix… otherwise, I’ll get busted. The bonus about vaping NET is the vapor has no perceivable scent. :smiling_imp:


I saw this guy a little while ago.

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Phix is a good choice for this