Vaping in Fiji

It’s that time of year again and this year the good lady has decided on Fiji.
From what I can tell we’ve picked another country that doesn’t allow the importation of anything vape related. To be honest I feel a little selfish if I put up any sort of argument when we’re discussing a possible holiday destination as she doesn’t vape.

There seems to be conflicting information online but from what I can tell from the most recent information I can find is that vaping is not allowed or the importation of vaping merchandise unless its for medicinal purposes as backed up by a medical practitioner.

Thailand was black and white and a definite no so I’m wondering if anyone knows or has visited Fiji recently who could possibly give me any first hand knowledge?
I’m not as worried as I was about Thailand but still would rather not fall foul of foreign authorities for obvious reasons.


100mls in a Pod will last you awhile

Vaping - Arriving n Fiji you are only allowed (via Customs) 100mls of vaping liquid per adult person( in carry on bag) You cannot buy/top up more liquid in Fiji, unless bought on-line from outside.

Per adult , thats 200mls


Only there for seven days so I won’t need that much but thanks I did read that one but from information I’ve seen vaping is considered smoking in regards to tobacco importation and is illegal without a license. Also it’s illegal to sell or advertise vaping products. Some information dates back to 2016 but more recent seems to point to not allowing it.


Ride with the 200mls and bring a decent MOD… I couldn’t imagine having a few cold ones and not vaping on vacation!!


I’ve arrived in Fiji and although I haven’t had much of a chance I haven’t actually seen anyone vaping yet. The arrival card had the usual tick boxes thing about what you were bringing and included with the tobacco box was e-cigarettes.
I should have taken a picture but from memory it said 250 cigarettes or 200 grams of loose tobacco. In what appeared to be an added line after that it simply said e-cigarettes.
After collecting our bags we had to put them through an X-ray machine before we left the airport with no problems.
Currently suffering with ‘airplane ear’ with the right one which is absolutely horrible. Had shocking pain on the descent from both the landing in Sydney and here and now can’t hear a thing as it’s completely blocked. Hoping it pops soon so I can start to enjoy myself properly.


Have a great holiday!


Day trip to an island called Malamala.
Absolutely stunning.

I have not seen a single person vaping anywhere. However I’ve not seen that many people smoking either.


Back from the day trip and I did see three people vaping today.
A young couple from New Zealand and an older woman who was clearly a tourist.


Enjoy your holidays