Vaping in Movies and TV shows

I wonder how long it will take before we see the heroes in movies and tv shows toot away on a high end mech mod or regulated device?

If anyone asks me i think it would be awesome and something that would sway the publics opinion on vaping much quicker than anything else would do.

Whats your take on the subject?


I’ve seen a few people vaping in series already. House of cards was one, it wasn’t high end but it was a vape. I think they were also vaping in hand of God although that was mostly the herb variety, still… :grinning:


I’ve seen it here and there on shows, but it’s always a crappy little vape pen.


True, but it is a start.


I think Norseman makes a very good point. I still see people smoking in TV series and they’re not shy about it. When people smoke on TV, it’s meant to be seen and it’s meant to add to that character.
With vaping I see a different trend. Sometimes they just go over it in a flash and if you don’t pay attention, you’re not even going to notice (I’ll always point it out to my wife and guaranteed she won’t have noticed).

A big cloud chaser’s mech mod will make it quite obvious that it’s not a regular cigarette. A seriously, how cool would it look if 2 old guys sitting outside a house are blowing clouds instead of puffing on their cancer sticks?
I’m sure it’s a missed opportunity but we’ll get there over time, i’m sure we will.


They were supposedly vaping (weed) in Hand of God on Amazon.

Maybe because the clouds get in the way of the camera?