Vaping Komrad S01E05 - Youde (UD) Goblin V1.1 RTA review

Continuing the discussion from Best Kayfun Clone:

Our very own @Aux has put up a review of it - Everyone I’ve talked to loves it :smile:


@Aux nice review! I enjoyed it! Will have to subscribe and add you to my weekly viewings!

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Thanks! I’m trying to improve further (:

I just got the 1.2 version of the Goblin and it is a beast . I didn’t use the upgrade as I don’t really care about capacity . I will say for a novice builder this thing was a little trickier to build and wick . Took me a solid hour to get it right . Built .6 ohm dual micro coil and wow …this thing is a machine! Flavor and vapor are intense . Airflow is absolutely nuts . Massive plumes of thick flavourful vape . I’ll need more time with it but as of now it’s awesome so it could only get better .

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Not you too! @Aux has been harassing me on IRC - “Goblin is amazing!”, “My RDAs suck, because the Goblin is so good!” - Blah blah blah!

I want one. Now! :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t want to make you jealous but this thing is like the Holy Grail of Vape . Legends will be sung of its magnificence . Did I mention it’s awesome