Vaping related stomach issues?

any long term vapers here develop any digestive problems over the years? apparently vaping can destroy your gut flora overtime and I think it’s time to see if vaping is the culprit. Been dealing with it for months now and I’ve changed diets and tried everything. Getting an ultrasound on the 25th. Came across this interesting older thread on reddit, some people are clueless but others make very valid points I don’t want to give up vaping of course. Maybe I’ll try some Zyn pouches for a week and see if things improve? I know you guys really know your shit on here and would love to hear any suggestions, thanks


I have bad gut issues but i dont think from vaping as i git back into vaping a bit after they started


yeah I never thought it could be from vaping either and don’t want to give it up whatsoever but after reading through that entire reddit thread and seeing messages from 10 plus year vapers and articles to science on gut health with vaping I’m now seeing it as a major possibility cause I’ve tried everything. Seeing a doctor soon enough as it’s been going on for months, but lots of people in the thread said they felt huge improvements after not vaping 2-3 days. Gonna get some pouches and try it. Was hoping others could share their advice or opinions on how to not vape for 2-3 days lol or if anyone else has had these vaping related gut issues. I know all about the PG and Salt allergys some people get but this is different. Not heartburn or anything, just feels like my whole gut is out of wack and not functioning properly. Lots of symptoms like a few of them described.


gonna mix up some 85 VG liquid and use in low wattage MTL devices for a few days to rule out PG allergy. I remember back in the day indoor smokers mentioned he could only vape max VG cause anything with PG destroyed his guts. And I hear it is possible for any long term vaper to suddenly develop a PG sensativity allergy out of nowhere. So fingers crossed its just that. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna try Zyn pouches for a few days. If that doesn’t work I’m dying and its not the vaping lol will keep you guys posted.


Isnt miralax just propelene glycol. It shoukd give you the runs but shoukdnt cause and gut damage.miralax is one of the safest most delicate laxitives


I dunno, its not that I’m constipated, sometimes. It’s just off and my stomach feels awful and keeps me awake. Like the balance of acids or bile is out of wack or my gut flora. I’m gonna try this max VG then just Zyn pouches in 3 days if max VG shows no improvement. I was reading through these and a few others as well.,failure%20to%20induce%20protective%20ROS


Let me know how it goes. Im interested in any findings since i deal with exteme gut issues.

My acid and stomach is oretty fine. Never get heartburn but my colon is just a disaster. Its so bad i literally cant do anything anymore. A constant 24/7 every minute struggle. I believe mine is SIBO though with icv dysfunction. Not how how that would relate the vaping .

I read the reddits and seems like most of the symptoms are acid related. That may be caused by sweeteners in your juice. I know stuff like sucralose and stevia (artificial sweeteners ) are pretty know for causing those symptoms

If it is a pg thing i wonder if theres any studies on gut effects on using meds like athma inhalers which are all a pg based carrier