Vaping zero nic juice

I just made this one yesterday I am sucker for watermelon so I know I will vape it ! I made it at 1mg but I figured I’d better make it a favorite flavor profile so I’ll grab it more often than not ( trickery of the mind there :wink: )

Pink Watermelon

Ingredient %
Cantaloupe (Flavorah) 1.25
pink burst northwest 4
Pink Champagne (FW) 3.5
Pink Lady (Molinberry) 0.75
Watermelon (Clear) (LA) 2.5
Watermelon (FA) 3

Flavor total: 15%

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Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

Ingredient %
Champagne (TPA) 2
lemon delosi 1
Lemonade NWF 6
Natural Strawberry (LAN) 3.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 15.5%

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I’ve cut down from 12 to 3 but seem to do most my juice at 6 for some reason. Gives me an idea of flavor w Nic I guess.
Has anyone else had the problem w 0 Nic actually making them cough? For some reason it always hits my lungs oddly and makes me cough initially. Playing w clouds I realized even 1mg doesn’t hit me like that. Maybe I need the little kick for my lungs to recognize it :wink:

That is very kind of you, Amy! :smile: Im doing alright, and you?

My wife is still at 3mg and she has no plan in dropping down. Im not sure what brought me to 0mg, for most of the day, i guess i just realized that i wasnt addicted anymore and decided to use it like caffeine.


Still not vaping 0mg nic yet nor do I think I will anytime soon. Started at 18mg Nov 2013 (2 year non smoker now guys) stepped down 2 mg every 100 mls of juice till I got to 2mg nic. This was on a Non Subohm unit. I actually am vaping higher nicotine than I was due to the fact I now Subohm. Maybe I should drop to 1mg but I’m not in any hurry at this point…


I’m doing great ! Glad y’all are doing well. I miss you cracking jokes usually about your wife ( she must really have a good personality :slight_smile:️) I like the caffeine thought it does give me a boost ! I will certainly use this to my advantage !

I really think it’s about conquering addiction for me. If I only make it to 2 mg hey that’s better than where I was and will treat it as a victory !

And @ringling I am right around the corner for my 2 years smoke free. I am proud of us all !


I was also thinking about this today. I started at 24mg. More than once caught myself with a cig in one hand and Mod in the other, hard core or what???:open_mouth:
Smoke free one year this month,YA WOO!!
Down to 4mg now and considering mixing up a zero nic batch of one of my favorites to use as a placebo of sorts.
I really have grown to enjoy them clouds and vaping in general.


Just made 15 ml, sugar cookie @10 % and vanillla 1% ) nic. come out to be 11pg & 89 vg. trying to have fun with cloud vaping. will see. ??


Sugar cookie is pretty potent stuff at that % isn’t it?.. Overpowers in my first two attempts at a snickerdoodle at a lower % is why I ask

But as for this I’m with you, gonna try something strong like CAP Double Apple and Fuji FA and do up a pg/vg of 5/95, and see how the clouds roll by!


This is a WIP, but imagine if this works out… 95% or more vg in mixes. I have read .3 to .8 single flavor. I’m hoping .5 will make a lead flavor.


Looks great ! I need to put my order through was hoping you’d make something up and give me a few ideas on how well you perceived the MF flavors :blush:

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Cool :smiley: It’s actually 2.5/97 because the MF is neither PG nor VG but “Other” :smile:

wait a minute…you wanna explain that? its not pg or vg? then what is it?

It’s a pure extract of whatever was extracted - most likely it’s a combination of water and (water and oil soluble) essential oils and in some cases up to 5% residual grain alcohol.

A little info here


when vaping 0 nic what ration should I put in the nicotine section cuz it always messes with my 50/50 juices

Just put your desired strength to 0, then ratio of nicotine doesn’t matter.

I only mix nic free and only drip my juice. For me it’s all about the flavor and I love mixing new and unique recipes…found many on this site, thanks! I started mixing for my son and never looked back. To me it’s just a hobby now and I enjoy the creativity that comes with creating new and unusual flavors.


Oh my, that looks goooood! Gonna try that with FA Caramel.

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It is just a test to see what its going with my juice. To day it’s ok , but just not there yet. needs more time. But no it don’t seam to strong. will see. I’ll like to see how pro-vape mix turn out.

It keeps telling me that my ratio is wrong

its 5ml 50/50 & 18mg juice with no nic