Vapor Flask Stout

$65 with free shipping, all 3 colors available. I got silver (SS), and a MNKE orange 26650 for $74.


If you get one come back and tell us what you think. Interested in this one.

Been using this for a day now and I’m quite happy with it. Only negative is the 18650 adapter sleeve, I used it while waiting for 26650 to charge and it rattles around in there pretty bad. Battery maintains connection so it’s just the sleeve. Super ergonomic and attractive mod. The board is supposed to be like the RX200 but I think it may be better. It reads my SS/Ni and SS/Ti claptons with more stability and consistency than the RX200, Evic Mini or even the Hcigar VT200. I have no hesitation recommending this device. Get one.