Vapor Flavor

Anyone try Vapor Flavor flavorings? Seems like they don’t use any Butter Flavor Acytiles or other nastiness. They also make their flavors and do not according to their web site just resell some one else’s flavors. Just looking for imput on them,. I’m going to try them out in the near future.

web Site link

I’ve never heard of them, but man, they have a lot of flavors!

It says they are water based flavours , they recommend 10-20% mix. Wonder if the value would be there .

I’m ordering a few flavors form Vapor Flavor right now. Hoping they are GREAT! :smile:

Let us know how it works out …they do have a great selection . Always nice to find some new flaves

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I placed an order also

Here’s one part that I don’t see on many of the flavors:

Sweet Cream, Based Vapor Flavor
This is the “Sweet Cream” flavor you see in Coffee Creamers or Marble Creamery Ice Cream. It is decadent and a huge favorite. Would go excellent with any chocolate or “cream” type candy recipe.

Notice this particular one doesn’t state it’s water based and the flavor profile link is broken. Which I specifically went to look for the cream as almost no flavor profile of this type will be able to carry the flavor with out some type of Acetoin or Diketone.

I got the Sweet Cream from them its pretty darn good if I must say so myself

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These are the flavors I got from (all 2 oz bottles) :smile:

Caramel: Very strong, but really nice flavor
Mocha: Extremely strong - diluting in PG 3 to 1 before use - good in my Caramel Coffee Cheesecake recipe
German Chocolate: Liking this one and used in a couple of recipes successfully
Strawberry Wild: LOVE this one a LOT
Rum: just used a tiny bit (0.5 %) so far in w/German Chocolate recipe - it works!

I need to get some of that Sweet Cream, as my FW is running out!

Just made another order:

1 PGBF Custard Vapor Flavor , 1/3 oz. 10 ml
1 PGBF Sweet Cream, PG Based Vapor Flavor, 1/3 oz. 10 ml
1 PGBF Yellow Cake Vapor Flavor, 1/3 oz. 10 ml
2 PGBF Bavarian Cream Flavor , 1/3 oz. 10 ml
1 PGBF Brown Sugar Vapor Flavor , 1/3 oz. 10 ml

Will let you know how they turn out when I get 'em.