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Title: May New Arrival Flash Sale Thread (Hcigar VT75 Box Mod with 1 - 75W)

Dear friends,
Think that you must very look forward to our daily deals share

Come on!

Original Smok 220W G - PRIV Kit – page price:$104.55

Flash sale: $80.99


VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC Box Mod - BLACK – page price: $69.9 GBdrag

Flash sale: $39.99


Really want to recommend this flash sale thread – New Arrival Monthly Deal

Link: http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-monthly-best-sells-new-arrival-special-196.html

Original Hcigar VT75 Box Mod with 1 - 75W
page price:$194.70
flash sale:$119.00

IJOY Captain PD270 234W Box Mod
page price:$83.81
flash sale:$69.84

Best regards,

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uk.gearbest.com and us.gearbest .com Opening Flash Sale – Get your favorite in overseas warehouse

May 15,2017

Dear friends,

The world has become a global village, today you can buy good products from all over the world at home.

But you need to consider a lot of factors, to decide whether you want to make a thrilling overseas purchase.

What are you worried about? The price? The quality? Think you can check this two info on the website in one minute.

But the most important thing, I think they should be the logistics, stocks, tariff, transportation time and where you can buy. Agree with me?

Today, our UK.gearbest.com online and bring a breaking flash sale for you.

The price, you can always compare with our main station Gearbest.com price, think that we provide the lowest price for you here.

The warehouse, of course, all products are in UK Warehouse.

What does that mean? This is the same as your local purchase, no need to worry about the shipping method, transportation time, tax fee and other things.

Now, let me show you what we have.

Pls feel free to go to our uk.gearbest.com flash sale page here:

Pls feel free to go to our us.gearbest.com flash sale page here:

UK Vapor Products Flash sale

Can’t believe that our vapor products can have a flash sale in Country domain Page, this is a good to our vapor friends, because it is easy to get an amazing price in the local warehouse. Are you excited?

Also, Original WISMEC PREDATOR 228 Box Mod only sales £34.19(original price was £58.12)

Original GeekVape Griffin 25 RTA only sales £25.93(original price was £57.05)

Original OBS Engine RTA Atomizer 25mm 5.2ml only sales £17.77(original price was £39.09)

# US Vapor Products Flash sale

Original WISMEC Reuleaux RX200 TC 200W Box Mod only sales $37.28(original price was $102.78)

Original Fumytech Dragon Ball RDTA only sales $31.91(original price was $66.49)

Other flash sale info, pls feel free to go to our uk.gearbest.com and us.gearbest.com flash sale page here:

Any question, pls feel free to PM us.
Best regards,

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Hello guys and gals, hope everything is ok

Today’s higligthed deals and flash sales hope you llike them

Original Joyetech eVic Primo Mini with ProCore Aries 80W Box Mod at [B]$34.99[/B]


Smok G80 Kit 80W TC Box Mod Kit with Spirals Tank at[B]$48.35[/B]


To finish let me intruduce you the oprtunity of gething this new amazing mod from IJOY using the new 20700 batterys (included), just use the [COLOR=#ff0000]Wondervape[/COLOR] coupon and get it for $49.99 at presale now and i suspect it will get out of stock soon…


Also take some time to check the new Hcigar VT75 Box mod with color screen and porwered with a DNA75 chip also on presalle now, and let me now your tougths on this…

Enjoy your vape and pm me if i can hep you with anything else



Ive been trying to prise one out of @June 's vice like grip for aaages lol…they wont buckle :pensive:


Coupon Flash Sale Thread with New Arrival and hot sale coupon 2017-05-18

Dear friends,

Remember our Coupon Flash Sale?

Let’s have a check and recommend some nice deals to you!

#1 Coupon Flash Sal : http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-monster-e-cig-brand-sale-special-1352.html

#2 Original Rofvape Warlock Z - Box 233W Mod - RED – page price: $47.92

coupon code: warlock coupon price: $38.99


#3 VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC Box Mod - BLACK – page price: $69.9

coupon code: GBdrag coupon price: $39.99


Original Iphenix F2 Mango 25W Kit 800mAh - GOLDEN

flash sale: $18.41


Original Eleaf iStick Pico TC 75W Mod Kit - BRUSHED BLACK SILVER – page price: $51.27

flash sale: $41.99


Any new product you like now? If need any help, pls feel free to PM us.
Nice day!


Ive never heard of Rofvape but this mod is beautiful. The Carbon Fiber looks great too.

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It does look amazing, Rofvape its a Chinese company they have entered in vaping market not too long ago and they have some pretty interesant ideas you may have heard of the witcher http://www.gearbest.com/mod-kits/pp_555922.html?vip=1151956&gclid=CNiZwte1_9MCFSEL0wodG18M0Q Now they presents us with the Warlock…They also seams to have pretty good quality devices so far…


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Hope you having a great weekend as usua we prepared a few things for you…and here they are!

Hoping to grab that great DNA mod?
[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_583270.html?lkid=10749783’]Lost Vape Therion DNA 166W TC Box Mod for E Cigarette[/URL]
[B]Sale Price: $118.78[/B]

This new mod from rofvape its amazing not ony in looks as it dellivers a 233w
[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_625040.html?lkid=10749784’]Original Rofvape Warlock Z - Box 233W Mod[/URL]
[B]Sale Price:$43.99[/B]

New Predator from Wismec cames already with balanced charging…
[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_615718.html?lkid=10749785’]WISMEC PREDATOR 228 Box Mod[/URL]
[B]Sale Price:$38.59[/B]

This is a pretty amazing Clearomizer from Uwell as we used to avaiabe now in multipe color and tips, will you miss this oportunity to get it a a bargain on this time limited sale?
[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/other-atomizers/pp_626457.html?lkid=10749788’]UWELL Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer Clearomizer[/URL]
[B][SIZE=4]Sale Price:$26.39[/SIZE][/B]

And oh yes we included in the sale the cois so you wont miss anything!
[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/accessories/pp_634326.html?lkid=10749790’]4pcs UWELL Crown 3 0.25 ohm Coils[/URL]
[B]Sale Price:$10.79[/B]

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/accessories/pp_634325.html?DFG&lkid=10749791’]4pcs UWELL Crown 3 0.5 ohm Coils[/URL]
[B]Sale Price:$10.79[/B]

As usual let me now if i can be of any more help!



I like it. If only it had my preferred chips I would have 1 or 2…


Yeah, I’m interested in seeing some reviews.


Dear friends,

Breaking news!

Time: 2017-05-23 08:00 to 08:30 UTC time(16:00 UTC+8 Beijing time)

Events: Discount limited with $0.1 / 7.99$ / 9.9$

Link: http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-crazy-shopping-carnival-collec-special-274.html

More half price limit time deals, pls feel free to check: here


Dear friends,

Long time not to do new arrival thread, at the same time, recieve some feedback to say that we have some great new arrival here.

What are you looking forward?

Let’s go together to our cool new arrival

#1 Vandy Vape Pulse 22 BF RDA - SILVER – page price: $27.31

coupon: ecig15off 15%OFF

Pls feel free to have a check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/rebuildable-atomizers/pp_635186.html[/URL]

Vandy Vape brand page, pls feel free to check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/vandy-vape-_gear/[/URL]

The Vandy Vape Pulse 22 BF RDA has a unique leak-resistant tubular side direct airflow, which is creative and makes vaping smoother.
The deck is easy to build with 2 big Philips screws on the side, and it supports single wide gauge building.
There is a squonk pin at the bottom of the atomizer, you can fill the e liquid through the pin.
So it is a good way to avoid leakage and oil wasting.

And check here Vaper Trails Tony B review on it

#2 Vandy Vape KYLIN RTA Multiple Color – page price: $36.15

coupon: ecig15off 15%OFF

Pls feel free to check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/vandy-vape-kylin-rta-multiple-color-_gear/[/URL]

The Vandy Vape KYLIN RTA Multi Color features in its colorful appearance, there are four colors for your to choose.
It has a gold-plated deck with dual or single coil building, which is easy to build.
Two adjustable airflow slots can direct air centrally at the coil for excellent flavor.
The KYLIN RTA can hold 2ml oil with the pre-installed glass tank, and you can enlarge the capacity by replacing the tank with the extra 6ml glass tank.

#3 WISMEC PREDATOR 228 Box Mod - BLACK AND BROWN – page price: $53.90

coupon: ecig15off 15%OFF

Pls feel free to check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_633211.html[/URL]

Predator 228 is powered by dual replaceable 18650 cells whose max output reaches 228W / 50A.
The application of plated USB ports contact makes it possible to realize 2A quick charge.
And the separate battery power can be detected accurately through the upgradable firmware.
Moreover, with the help of RC ( reverse charging ) adapter, Predator 228 can serve as a power bank to charge other electronic devices.

#4 Original Lost Vape Therion DNA75 Box Mod - GLITTER CREAMY WHITE – page price: $126.11

coupon: NewDNA coupon price: $106.99

Pls feel free to check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_631764.html[/URL]

The Therion DNA75 is a device that makes a big step away from our traditional design.
Utilizing the brand new DNA75 board from Evolv, the Therion has a temperature control function, which allows you to regulate your personalized options.
It is made from zinc alloy, wood and leather, which is durable, lightweight and elegant. The device supports 2pcs 18650 batteries, with a max power of 75W.
There are multiple protections in this device, so it is safer for you to use.

#5 Original ADVKEN AYANA 60W Mod - COLORMIX – page price: £39.77

coupon: ecig15off 15%OFF

Pls feel free to check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_633103.html[/URL]

ADVKEN AYANA 60W Mod is made from resin and brass, which is environmentally-friendly and durable.
With built-in 1600mAh battery, the device supports a adjustable wattage from 5W to 60W. Just 3 or 5 hours, the AYANA 60W Mod can be fully charged.
Besides, temperature control function is also included is this e cigarette with a range from 200 Deg.F to 600 Deg.F, and you can enjoy different vaping experience through adjusting its temperature.
There are two kinds of USB ports for your convenience, one is Micro USB and the other is 8 Pin port.

In the end, think that you can’t miss our New Arrival Flash Sale.

Pls feel free to check: [URL]http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-monster-e-cig-brand-sale-special-1352.html[/URL]

Nice day!
Any question, pls feel free to PM us.


Hello guys don’t miss today’s higligthed flash sales

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/rebuildable-atomizers/pp_625794.html?DFDF&lkid=10777239’] Original Hcigar Maze V3 RDA - SILVER [/URL]

Flash sale Price $17.99 £14.31

Main Features:
Dual posts design
Thread: 510
Diameter: 22mm
Material: SS316

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_583269.html?lkid=10777242’] Original S BODY C2D1 DNA 250 Chip 167W TC Box Mod - BLACK [/URL]

Flash Sale price $98.15 £78.09


Main Features:
Comes with EVOLVE DNA 250 chip
Wattage: 1 - 167W
Using 2pcs 18650 batteries ( not included )
TC range: 200 - 600 Deg.F
TC mode: TC - Ni / Ti / 316SS
Material: plastic material and rubber paint on the surface
510 thread

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/rebuildable-atomizers/pp_630978.html?DFSDF&lkid=10777243’] Original Augvape Druga 24mm RDA - BLACK [/URL]

Flash Sale Price $24.99 £19.88


The Augvape Druga 24mm RDA features in a CSS ( clamp snag system ) design of the post deck, making your coil installation easier. And the Large post also supports wide gauge builds. There are two adjustable air slots on the side of the atomizer, which contributes a lot to the smooth vapor experience. The device comes with a pre-installed wide bore drip tip, and an extra drip drip with 510 adapter for your favorite.

Main Features:
● Dual posts design with a CSS ( clamp snag system ) design
● Side adjustable airflow for smooth vaping
● Wide bore drip tip
● Diameter: 24mm
● Thread: 510
● Material: stainless steel

let me know if there is anything else i can help

Mutch more at :




Hello guys don’t miss today’s higligthed flash sales

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/rebuildable-atomizers/pp_624889.html?lkid=10781568’] Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA 25mm - BLACK [/URL]

Coupon: NewPhara $29.99


The Pharaoh RTA is an innovative tank designed by Rip Trippers. This tank is elaborately designed, paying attention to every detail to deliver the best vaping experience.

Main Features:
Diameter: 25mm
Capacity: 4.6ml
Top and bottom airflow
Top filling
Comes with an extra 3.5ml glass tank
Material: stainless steel and glass
Thread: 510

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/mod-kits/pp_612165.html?wid=21&lkid=10781577’] Original Aspire Zelos 50W Kit - RED 167W TC Box Mod - BLACK [/URL]

Flash Sale Price $40.99 £32.61


Main Features:
Aspire Zelos 50W TC Mod:
Wattage range: 1 - 50W
TC range: 300 - 600 Deg.F
Built-in 2500mAh battery
Atomizer resistance range: 0.1 - 3 ohm
Charge time: 2 hours
Material: zinc alloy and aluminum alloy

Nautilus 2 Tank:
Resistance: pre-installed 0.7 ohm ( 18 - 23W ), extra 1.8 ohm ( 10 - 14W )
Capacity: 2ml
Diameter: 22mm
Thread: 510
Material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy and glass

[URL=‘http://www.gearbest.com/rebuildable-atomizers/pp_621576.html?wid=21&lkid=10781588’] Original IJOY RDTA 5 Atomizer - BLACK [/URL]

Flash Sale Price $22.99 £18.29


RDTA 5 is the fifth generation in the RDTA line. Its innovative top fill design makes the refill never been so simple. Upgrade multiple airflow system, add the bottom adjustable airflow to the traditional side adjustable airflow. The unique resin drip tip with heat isolation function can meet individual needs. So RDTA 5 is the ultimate choice for e cigarette DIY enthusiasts.

Main Features:
Adjustable bottom airflow
Innovative top filling system
Comes with a single coil plug
Resin drip tip
Thread: 510
Diameter: 25mm
Capacity: 4ml
Material: stainless steel, glass and resin

let me know if there is anything else i can help

Mutch more at :




Events: Gearbest Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

Time:2017-05-28 to 2017-05-30(UTC+8 Beijing time)

GearBest will have 3 days for Dragon Boat Festival from May.28th to May 30th, return to work on May 31st(Beijing time).

Here is the overseas warehouse working schedule.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the holiday.

If there have any problems, please try to PM us or leave your comments below, we will reply you when we are back.

Thanks for your kind attention and wish you have a nice day!

Best regards,
GearBest Team

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Dear friends,

Welcome to our “World No Tobacco Day” giveaway!

What is the prize:

1st prize: Joyetech eVic Primo Mini 80W Box Mod (1 unit )

2nd prize: Vandy Vape KYLIN RTA Multiple Color (1 units)

3rd prizes: Aspire Cleito EXO Tank 2ml - COLORFUL (1 unit )

The Rules Are Simple!

Write down how long you have used vapor product + what do you want to say to the smokers

How and when will choose the winners:

We will randomly select the winner at 2017-06-16

GearBest reserves the right to make amend the rules. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Totally off the analogues for nearly 2 years - Vaping is totally the best way to give up killing yourself. It may take a few false starts to take like it did with me or you may just quit - either way you will feel much better for it.

@lolly @Norseman @VapeyMama @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @TheTinMan1


Cig free for 15 months and never going back there.

Find the right setup - don’t give up on the first attempt.

@Pugs1970 @Grubby @anon60225325 @Bob_Bitchen @fidalgo_vapes @jhmiller @Mark_Turner


Cig free for over 2 years, was too easy for me to make the switch…

You want to die from cigarettes?

@anon60225325 @VapeyMama @Maureeenie @bluenose63 @BoyHowdy @Josephine_van_Rijn @SignMan


Been cig free for 6 years.

I usually tell smokers to try it for a month and you will see the difference.