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Off the stinkies for over a year now and i’m not going back even if vaping would become a criminal act i would continue vaping and challenge the system with civil disobedience by vaping.

There is some setup for everyone, all you need is to find that setup that works the magic for you to get off the stinkies.

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No rollups for 2 years and 4 months now after 44 years of smoking and never managed to quit once before I started vaping.

IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN, it’s fun and it’s tasty and you stop smelling like a dirty ashtray.
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My name is Mark Turner I a one of a Billion lives that Vaping will save. I was fortunate I found a Safer Alternative to Tobacco use. As a 30 plus year user of both cigarettes and Cigars I felt I had very few options to quit Tobacco use. I was determined to end my addiction to Tobacco. I tried Nicotine gum and Nicotine patches they did not help. I did research and read quite a bit about the use of Chantix as a way to end my Tobacco use. The horrific side effects of this cessation medication far out weighed the benefits. I even tried Hypnotherapy as a way to break my Tobbaco habit, but to no avail.
Finally a friend offered to help. He helped by introducing me to Vaping. I had finally found a 95% Safer Alternative to Tobacco use. The chronic bronchitis I suffered from for years quickly went away. I suddenly could breath and did not get winded easily, smell and taste my food and had tons of energy.
I have been Tobacco free for just over five years thanks to Vaping. Vaping saved my Life, I would love to see and be part of a world where millions upon millions of people could have the Freedom to choice a Healthier Alternative to their Tobacco use. Thanks to a tightly knit community and the help of organizations like CASAA, A.V.A., the Vape Militia, Not Blowing Smoke and SFATA that reality is possible. We now have come to a crossroads, one that will need to be hard fought. Will your political representatives choice to align their vote for the betterment of their constituents? Or will they remove our freedom of choice? The choice to live a healthier lifestyle, The choice to be Tobacco free, The choice to help save billions of Lives.
There is no confusion among Ecigarette consumers, the real effect is Vaping is a Safer Alternative to tobacco use. We do not want to be misinformed. We as Vapers want the public to know the potential benefits of using vapor products. We think it is bad for the public not to know the health benefits of Vaping vs Tobacco use. We as consumers do not want to force businesses to lie about
what benefits Vaping products can provide to Tobbaco users. I wish I had had Vaping as a choice 30 years ago, I pray that it will be a choice for the next generation.


I’ve been vaping for almost 22 months.
Smokers: Cut it out! You stink and you’re slowly killing yourselves. Vaping is better!!

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You said it girl! :no_smoking:

I have been vaping for almost 6 months. All I had to do was taste a menthol tobacco vape and I liked it so much more. I was devoted to not smoke and vape 100% the day after I got all of my supplies. I got home from the vape shop, had a cigarette, and then vaped for the first time, it tasted so good! I knew that it would not be as hard as I thought.

To those who still smoke, you should try vaping, completely, without still smoking. You will immediately taste how much cleaner it is, and has such a better taste! Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals or friends for help in knowing what to buy, we all know it is confusing at first.

I smoked for 19 years. I tried quitting probably double that 19. I even quit for 3 years and started again. I could not lose the desire to smoke, never. I always wanted a cigarette no matter how long I had quit. Now, I can’t stand cigarettes! For the first time in 19 years, I don’t want to smoke. The taste and satisfaction vaping brings cannot be matched. You can find almost every flavor you can think of. I started with the closest thing to cigarettes, but now I have so many flavors I love. The variety is another huge benefit. Not the same stinky thing all the time!!


Thank you for linking this to me @Josephine_van_Rijn!

How long you have used vapor product?

  • I have used vapor products for 5 years

What do you want to say to the smokers?

  • If you’ve tried to quit smoking repeatedly by going cold turkey, gums, patches, and pills (like Chantix) and it hasn’t worked why not try vaping? It may seem like something way too close to smoking cigarettes but that may be exactly what your looking for. The same sensation you get - the same type of habitual habit your used to.
    It’s a form of harm reduction and a way for you to get nicotine without all the toxic & deadly additives in cigarettes. It’ll be hard quitting the smoking habit and switch to vaping exclusively - I didn’t. I was off and on. Back when vaping was just getting started, devices were sub par; little smoke and no mouth to lung hit like I’d get with cigarettes. I needed that feeling of smoking.
    However, your coming into the game at a good time. The quality of products are better, the flavor options are tremendous, and you get that smoking sensation your used to. Just remember to tailor your style of vaping. Don’t be intimidated by all the people who are chasing clouds, building huge coils, getting crazy atomizers, mods & mecs etc. Choose a vaping style that suits you best, in order to start your journey into a happier and safer life style. - Sending positive vibrations your way.


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I’ve been vaping for 14 months and its probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I smoked for 12 years. I was not only addicted to smoking, I enjoyed it. Giving up something that you like makes it especially hard even if it was killing me! I had tried vaping in it’s early stages and couldn’t switch because the first few setups leaked like crazy and the juice tasted like crap. Fast forward 3 or 4 years and now vape products are awesome! Switching was easy this last time. Every smoker needs to try vaping in this day and age. Don’t be intimidated and think it’s not going to work for you. Ask people questions… There are so many sources with info on vaping it’s not even funny. You can get a rockin setup with juice included for $100 bucks or less. I’d pay that much for extra life any day!

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I haven’t smoked for two years. Sure it was tough for me at the start but I stuck with it. Found the right setup and a juice that was perfect for me. From there I have never looked back.


I’ve been vaping for just over 2 years.

I would tell smokers to try multiple setups until you find one that will satisfy your needs. It’s worth it. I can’t even imagine smoking anymore.


Stopped smoking the nasties Jan 7th 2011 after better then 50 years on them.
Vaping ROCKS as it fulfills all the hand to mouth functions we so desperately crave with far less hazard then the devil in paper we all used so long.


I have been vaping for over 16 months now.

I was spending around £70 per week on cigarettes, so I brought a mod tank and batteries for the same amount knowing as money is tight I would have to try it for at least 1 week. I didn’t need the whole week, by day 3 I knew I would not be going back to cigarettes

Find the system that works for you, I have and still do let my workmates try my vape (5 converted)
Find a juice you like, again most vape shops will let you sample some flavours
Stick with it you will not regret it


I quit the analogs earlier this year (Feb-Mar) on a fluke basically due to our youngest daughter and Son-in-law trying to help me with health issues (brain cancer). I committed to them and the wife but mainly myself to never have another tobacco product ever again including my beloved cigars. Once I started vaping since they aent me all to get started with, mod, cloud beast, batteries, charger, etc…, and aome really awesome juices, I was ummm,hooked,lol. I have been cigarette free for over 4 months after a pack a day over 43 years. Hard to believe but it seems easy. No looking back and now to see the difference in everything is amazing to me. Smells, tastes, feeling better, everything. I can’t actually say money as have been spending like a mad man but still a far cry from pointless smoking and no flavor at all but that is my new nemesis,Flavors. Man the flavors out there (here), that I MUST HAVE. This stuff (juices) is so dang good.
My advice to ANY SMOKER, get with someone that vapes, think of a flavor in food you really like, try it with guidance on a How To kinda thing and just go for it IF You really want to do yourself some good. Then get on This Site and get hooked up with a bunch of Quitters like us and enjoy making your own concoctions as there are plenty enough no matter what you may like even including @Bob_Bitchen Boot Polish,lol.
I did try and quit years ago but there was nothing like vaping around and I was gaining weight like no tomorrow due to I could taste stuff but vaping cures that urge as well. Feel free to ask questions and read all you can on the benefits. I talked to my VA Dr’s and they said they’ve found now over 400+ chemicals that are Not natural to the body in cigarettes alone. Thats just plain crazy to me. Think of Carpet Glue for the FSC(Fire Safety Control) stuff in All of them.
I think We (ELR) should be Paid Spokesman for Vaping. I’ll take my money in trade for gear and flavors please.:blush:


Off smokes for over 2 years i would tell smokers just keep trying to quit because smoking is not worth it

also i would like to say thank you to all that kept and keep vaping going if it wasnt for keeping this going and not allowing it too turn into a fad i may have never stopped also congrats to all ex smokers


Thank goodness for your son-in-law and daughter. It’s really awesome to hear that the quality of your life and health has improved. Wonderful. :hibiscus:


my grandma died of lung cancer in 2008. she started getting sick about a year before that. over that year, we all watched helplessly as she went through treatment. when she was diagnosed she looked normal. we all thought she was just having a stomach issue as she had had before and was taking nexium. she went in for tests and found out she had stomach cancer and lung cancer. she did the meds and chemo and started to look like she was dead already. her face and body shriveled up and she lost her hair and practically all bodily luster. then she was bedridden and barely coherent for about two months, begging to die. then something happened and she like woke up. seemed like the treatment was working. got her motor function back and they reduced the fentanyl which helped with her not seeming out of it. my grandfather cared for her day and night and was a total wreck mentally. she started seeming better and better. then she went in for a checkup one day and they told her the cancer was greatly reduced and in remission. when she returned from the dr. she was crying and didn’t know how to process the information she received and started considering maybe she isn’t going to die soon. then she had a stroke that same day and died. doctors found out from the autopsy the cancer spread to her brain and they didn’t know about it. through this experience i knew i had to quit. while my grandma was battling cancer, my aunt and mother both quit smoking and started vaping. they didn’t want to smoke around my grandma and also didn’t want to put their kids through what they were experiencing with their mother. at that time i also started vaping. my aunt discovered vaping. we had never heard of it before. my aunt had the cigalikes and we tried them then got our own. it was very tough for me to make the switch. the cigalikes were great for about the first 10 hits on a full battery and cartridge but then were very weak. i could keep from smoking if i had a 6pk of cartridges and rotating those baby batteries to keep it at full power (the only way it was effective in controlling the urge), but this was Expensive! i was still smoking and vaping for the first year. when the cartridges were sold out at the ghetto citgo in Chicago (only place i knew they were sold at) i would return to smoking or if i couldn’t keep a full battery i would get the urge bc the insufficient vapor production. then my aunt got a pen mod. at first (keep in mind this is like 07’ and noone i knew had heard of vaping yet) i was like “your going to get arrested if anyone sees you with that thing.” it just looked SO illegal! but when i tried it, it was like 3x the vapor of my cigalike and consistently a good vape (to about half battery power). i immediately gave her the cash to order me one and some juice. i think she went through mount baker vapor, the company we all were exclusive to until 2yrs ago. back then you could order 250mL bottle for like $30-$40 which, with a tootle puffing pen mod, lasted ages! it came in a regular bottle. no child proof cap or nicotine warning. i said from the beginning "they are going to get sued up the wazzu as soon as a kid dies from getting ahold of this stuff (at that time i thought if you got a mL or 2 in your mouth you would be fighting for your life. turns out it’s not that toxic to kill you that easy, but not knowing much, i thought liquid nicotine sounded totally dangerous like uranium or something). anyways, after i got a pen mod i only smoked a couple times after that, then was vape only. we used to vape right in the Wal-Mart and best buy… anywhere. people would give looks, but it was legal so we weren’t worried about it. then my aunt started diy two years ago. i had no clue how they learned to do it. they had the magmixer etc. i went to their home for my cousins bday and my uncle was in the kitchen mixing up a batch before the party started. he was showing one of his friends. it looked too committed for me to learn, with all the beakers and that mag mixer looked like a chem lab. with my pen mod and 1.5mL tank, i was content buying the mbv thug juice clone from them. …then the game changer! my first sub ohm tank! the ego one with the .5ohm coils. that’s when vaping was no longer annoying, trying to take max hits to get a decent vape. now i could take a 2second hit with tons of vapor. from there i got the kanger subvod kit. then i started rethinking the whole diy thing bc my tank was leaking constantly out of the airflow and my 250mL $40 juice didn’t last like it used to. that’s when i started research online into diy. seen a few diy sites and read some things. then stumbled upon ELR! what caught me was the large forum with a search option and Especially the categories. I got all the info i needed from one place. practically anything i searched on here had multiple threads and tons of insight. everywhere else online had some good points and info, but much less and harder to find. threads would have a topic and like 1, maybe 2 replies before it was derailed or people started bickering, which was unattractive. i quickly stopped even visiting those other sites. then one day i had a question that i couldn’t find the answer to, so i made an ELR account. i never had an online forum account before or anything like that. i always just read what was posted anytime i used forums(which i have used for quite some time when trying to fix things like a square haybailer etc, stuff you only find info on easily in the forums). so i put my question on elr and amy2 and vapeymama replied and answered my questions within 5min. i was astonished. i figured it would be a week or so to get a reply. since then I’ve been using an rda and with the amount of juice rda’s suck down, diy is a necessity!
sorry for writing a whole book.


No, I do not.


Been vaping 4.5 years and mixing about 4 years. I feel so much better since I started vaping! So glad I don’t smell like cigs anymore! Thanks for the chance!

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Lost both my parents (smokers) to cancer. In fact, my mom passed from lung cancer 1 year after I was diagnosed with cancer at 37. I am now 44, and still am fighting it. My first 6 months of chemo I was still smoking. I would make the nurses tape up my port every few hours so I could go outside to have a cigarette, the very thing that was keeping me in that chair while toxic poison was dripped in my veins to try to kill the toxic poisons the cigarettes put in there. How sick is that? I’m dying, right now, from cancer, and I still wasn’t able to stop smoking for months.I smoked for 30 years.

My sister is 50, and has been on oxygen full time for her copd since 44. She also smoked for 30 years. For some of us the damage is permanent, even though we now vape. It’s not too late for others.

The media uses the exploding battery fear (uneducated) and nicotine overdoses (lazy) to scare people. The few accidents are a very small percentage. Even with those few people that are injured, it’s a tiny percentage of people and doesn’t even compare to the death and disease caused by smoking. It’s offensive to me that sensationalism is more important than lives and contributes to the death of smokers because of fear.

Yes, let’s keep encouraging people to smoke, which kills thousands every year. Worldwide, tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year, and current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths annually by 2030. Rather than to vape, which hurts a couple hundred idiots per year? And those are probably the same idiots that ride their bikes without helmets, it’s common sense people! You try to explain to your children when they are 5 and 8 years old what cancer is and why you are dying. Then explain about battery safety and careless people. Let them pick the more risky activity.

Ok, I’ll get of my soapbox now, sorry. I started vaping back when the Blu cigalikes came out. I did smoke less for a couple months with that, but continued to smoke with it. The cartridges constantly leaked into my mouth and caused burns and blisters. So I stopped. Then after further technology improved the quality of ecigs I tried again. That was in February of 2013. My official quit date is February 12, 2013, so I just passed 4 years.

After socializing on ELR and Facebook, and reading everything I could find on the internet about it, I became tempted to begin mixing quite a while before I actually took the plunge. I chose to go ahead and start more for the fun and challenge, then got even more excited when I realized how much less expensive it was to make. I ordered my first flavors and began mixing in September of 2015. So I’ve been learning to mix for about 16 months now. Wow, how time flies! I’ve been through the usual trials and tribulations of learning about flavors and how to make something vapeable. It has become an exciting and fun hobby now. And occasionally I’m even lucky enough to make a recipe I actually like.


Fight on @MysticRose. Cancer is a heartbreaking diagnosis. However you braced your heart and have made the effort to fight it so that you can keep on living a fruitful life with your children. You have a passion to create, to instill knowledge and to bless the world with your energy and perseverance. *sending much love and respect your way:rose:


Powerful stuff man thanks for sharing