Vapor Range, How I do Love Thee (Free Shipping!)

Ok, so I’ve used a slew of vendors over the years, but I was looking for a new mod, and @ozo told me to check out Vapor Range. I didn’t end up buying a mod there, but I got a Profile for $19 with free shipping, then a killer deal on a nic salt/mtl starter kit for my roommate with a rebuildable RDA for $16…

Got my brother set up with his first mod, juices, cotton from there just yesterday.

They don’t have everything, but they’re HANDY, and knowing I can buy just one lil thing and they’ll ship free is aweeesome.

So today I tracked both my first two orders and realized that Doh! Idiot that I am, I used an autofill address thing when I ordered them and I must have had a dyslexic moment… i inverted my damned street address! Sigh. So USPS is no help at all, they won’t reroute. Packages are going back to Vapor Range.

I was bummed. But called em to see if there’s any chance they would reship, assuming I’d have to pay for 2nd round of shipping. This guy Jake there was awesome, after he got done laughing at my fubar, he said they’d reship, again for FREE!

That is one hell of a vendor.


Was he wearing khaki’s?

Grats on the reship!
They do seem to be a great bunch that really has it together. I’ve done 3 small orders there, and every time it was accurate, and quick to ship.


Not as bad as buying something on venmo and sending payment to the wrong person with same name. No more drunk shopping for me :frowning:
Yeah I really did do that…


Do they ship from the States?


Well you are a screwy rabbit, so me thinks alcohol had very little to do with it.


Vapor Range is a good place…i check weekly there cause some times they have good deals on Asmodus gear an others…Good people there…and they ship fast…if u do early…most times its out that day…


@Dan_the_Man Yes, Vapor Range is in the US… um can’t remember which state for the life of me. Denver area, maybe? Quick shipping, too, and can’t beat free.

And yes, @AlanS, I couldn’t BELIEVE their deals on Asmodius, especially the stabilized wood and mosiac models. I’ve got about 3 in my wishlist.


Love this company, many orders never a mistake. Out of California, super fast Free shipping, Vapor Range is on the top of the list for great deals. Very happy customer here.


I just ordered from them that’s good to know =) cheap prices too!


I ordered a Simple EX kit early Wednesday morning and got it in the mail on Friday. Quickest I’ve ever gotten anything from CA to OH!


@Wings4Life Ah,you got the Simple EX! I’ve ordered one for my roommate, but don’t have it yet due to shipping snafu. My brother just got his though. Its his first device, ever, and he’s loving the simplicity of it. Can’t wait to check it out!

Can I ask, are you using nic salts, freebase nic or no nic with it? My brother got it for nic salts, which I have zero experience with, and my roommate is going to use it nic free. The only issue he’s reported so far is he’s using the coils that come with it, and they’re Popping loudly enough that its startling, pretty frequently. I walked him through building and checking to make sure its heating evenly etc, but not sure if you’re having the same experience? So hard to help diagnose the issue without seeing it live. Plus, having no experience with nic salts, I’m not sure if the juice could be part f the cause of the issue? Can’t imagine how, though.

So far, my biggest issue has been finding coils in 1.0 ohm or higher for it. Only source I’ve found so far to order spares for my bro is Faststech. I’m sure I’ll be able to make them, but none of my coil building gear has arrived yet, either. lol I’m having a bad shipping month, clearly. :wink:

Anyway, if you’ve experienced the startlingly loud coil pops with it and have any idea of the cause, I’d be thrilled.


Thank God venmo fixed it money returned =)


The popping you are hearing is probably due to liquid between the coil and wick which causes the popping sound. This is usually due to the wick being too loose, although I am experiencing it with the stock coil I’m using. Nothing to really be concerned about though (unless you are trying to be stealthy with it). I’ll probably end up rewicking to see if fixes it.

It may be a little difficult finding higher ohm coils but you can make your own and just use steam engine to calculate the ohms and test them on a regulated mod or ohm reader. Just beware that round wire is a PITA to install in the included rda.


Thanks, Wings4Life! That’s exactly the plan, building my own for my brother and roommate, goodies to do so (wire, coilmaster, etc) are on the slooooow boat, apparently (haha, Told u I’d steal that phrase. @ozo)

The only ones I’ve found over .8 ohm are at fasttech. These Seawolf Kanthal 1.2 ohms seem to be the best of the offerings. There’s some others at .9, but since the device won’t fire under .8, and I always have a bit of a variance with coils, figured that might be problematic. Nooot ideal, coilwise, but my brother is a new vaper, so last thing I want is him to end up without coils. Anyway, they were a whopping $2.50, so worst case we’ll replace with better coils when i get my schtuff to make some up.

I’ll definitely be fussing with to see if theres a way to make fused claptons at 1 ohm-ish,but worst case I’ll wrastle with the round wire. lol