Vaporesso cascade

Brand new Vaporesso Cascade

Sitting atop my IPV 8

And it BLOWS!!!

This is my new Cascade with a 0.15 coil sitting on an IPV 8 at 58 watts. I’m vaping my own California Dream juice that is max VG at 3MG/ML nic. Smooth sweet, fruity with a hint of bourbon

Hey @mjag here’s a preview


Love that blue, now you have me itching to pick one up myself…Cool disappearing act…:laughing:

Thanks for the preview :+1:


A little more complete review of the Cascade by Vaporesso

Thanks to Eight Vape for having such a great price on this tank, I ended up giving less than I expected. After the marked down price and then the discount the final Cascade price was $24.76 A super bargain and so worth it. With the GT coil adaptor the Cascade can use two different types of coil and doing this give the tank the ability to house 5 or 6 different coils. Anyone is bound to find a favorite with all of them to choose from. The tank is put together very well and it is so simple to fill on the go. It vapes like a real work horse and is one of the best tanks I have ever used for flavor. I’ve been vaping it with the 0.15ohm GTM 8 Coil. The wife keeps bugging about clouding out the TV, it’s a 55” and I feel certain I could cover a 70 or 90 inch TV with ease.
I’m vaping the Cascade tank on top of my IPV 8 (another 8Vape super deal) I’m using max VG California Dream Juice at 2.5 MG/ML nicotine. The IPV is set at 58.5 Watts. The flavor is super smooth and clean I can taste each one of the components of the juice, I haven’t been able to produce a hot or dry hit even raising the watts as high as 85. All in all a great buy, and a really well made tank. 7 ml is just my style I like only having to fill my tank 4 or 5 times a day.
The style and color of the tank are outstanding, I got the blue one and it’s a deep rich blue that make the open tank area pop with the color of the juice inside. It’s a very nice look overall.


As impressed as I am with the 0.15ohm GTM 8 Coil it pales in comparison to the flavor and IMHO quality and density of cloud I get from the 0.4ohm GTM 2 Coil. This thing is amazing. I just had to try it out. I’m lovin the heck out of this.

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I’m expecting delivery of mine in the morning and that’s the first coil I’ll be using. Thanks for the review.

I love mine, and I’ll be getting a second one for my other mod. I vaped on that GTM 8 for ten days and when I pulled it you could barely tell that it had been used.

I’ve been using it for about a month and have to say it’s my favorite drop in coil tank. The Flavor is incredible and if you want huge clouds you can have those too!

And it’s built really solid. Only con is that the GT coils in the adapter don’t always make contact with the 510 tab which is to bad since they are incredible especially the cCell ceramic which has a ss wick and can/should be used it tcr mode.