Vaporesso Estoc, the ecological clearo

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The Vaporesso Estoc was sourced from Heavengifts!


I’m not fond of Vaporesso. I don’t know why but their products just don’t agree with me.
And that’s ok, I’m perfectly capable of setting my personal opinion aside to review their products.
That said, the Estoc was sent to me and I was intrigued by the premise of the tank or more specifically by the coilheads.
Vaporesso promises this tank to be more environmentally friendly, and that’s something I can only encourage.
Coilheads usually get tossed after they’re spent and a lot of the material is perfectly recycleable.
And with the popularity of sub-ohming and larger coilheads, there’s a lot of material being discarded that could be reused.

That’s where the Estoc does things differently, they employ a much smaller footprint with the coilheads which benefits not just the environment but also the price.
But does it work, or has the quality of the vape also diminished?

Let’s find out!

Vaporesso Estoc Mega


  • 22mm diameter
  • 4ml capacity
  • Two coilheads included: SS316 0.5ohm and Clapton 0.4ohm
  • Top filling
  • Two large airflow slots
  • EUC coilheads
  • Available in black or stainless steel



I’m going to be very honest here, I don’t like Vaporesso coils in general. I find them to give muted flavor, have a horrible aftertaste, and generally of bad quality.
At least that was my experience with the cCell coilheads in the Target clearomizer, the ceramic ones that were briefly the subject of drama because people thought they were unsafe to use.
The coilheads for the Estoc clearomizer are a bit different from the others and that’s one of the main draws for the Estoc.
So with all that said and a mind cleared of prejudice, I started testing the Estoc clearo and found that Vaporesso had immensely improved their production of coilheads.
The coilheads in the Estoc are flavorful and much less muted than the cCell heads, though they still don’t last all that long.
After about a week of average use the first one was gunked up beyond repair, and that’s with DIY liquids that contain no sweeteners at all besides whatever little already in the flavor concentrates.

So why are these coilheads one of the main marketing draws for the Estoc? Well, they’re kept intentionally very small to save on materials.
The Estoc comes with the premise of leaving a lesser carbon footprint than other clearos by replacing the outer shell of the coilheads by a fixed piece in the tank itself.
This results in a much smaller part that is used as a coilhead, and thus less materials that get thrown away after use.
What this means for the environment in short term is very negligable, but in the long run it does mean a lot of material saved.
A rough guestimate would be that in the long run Vaporesso would save around 30% on the steel used in these heads.
While that may seem as something trivial, it does mean a lot to the environment.
After all, we all started vaping to lead a healthier lifestyle, right? Without trees, that healthier lifestyle is useless.

Before anyone yells out “You fucking hippie, go hug a tree. I need my clouds, bruh!”, let me get to the rest of this review.
The Estoc has a capacity of 4ml and seeing as the coils are so small, they’re also quite frugal so those 4ml will last you quite some time.
There’s nothing extraordinarily special about the Estoc, but it is well designed and has everything a modern clearo should have.
The topcap is knurled for your pleasure and twists off quite easily to fill the tank up.
The glass section is kept in place by a fat o-ring at the bottom, so leaking is not really an issue while filling.

On the bottom part is the airflow ring, which has two rather large holes to allow for a decent DTL draw.
However the size of the coils does play a mild role in this too, they will restrict the airflow quite a bit.
So if you’re used to drippers, or tanks like the TFV8, this will feel rather restricted.
I quite like a very open draw unless I’m flavorchasing (yes, that’s actually a thing) and feel that the Estoc is a bit too restrictive for me personally.

In terms of flavor, the Estoc performs… alright. It’s not spectacular but it does the job just fine.
If you’re looking for a flavorchaser it’s not the best tank to have but it has a decent balance between flavor and vapor.
One thing I noticed the Estoc struggling with are menthol flavors. They’re just not as fresh as in other tanks or RTAs, and the cooling effect sort of disappears.
This could be because of the coilheads being too small and heating up too quickly, effectively disappating the menthol before it hits the chimney.
With other flavors it performs just ok.


Pros and Cons.


  • Vaporesso has definitely improved their coilhead quality
  • Smaller coilheads==smaller carbon footprint
  • Cheaper coilheads than most
  • Has everything a modern clearo needs


  • Flavor still isn’t spectacular
  • Coilheads last around a week
  • Airflow is restricted by the size of the coilheads

In conclusion.

The Vaporesso Estoc is a decent clearomizer but other than the smaller carbon footprint, it has nothing much to show for.
That said, the reduced materials used for the coilheads also means the price is lower, and that’s something we can all appreciate.
Are there better clearomizers out there? Yes, most certainly. Is the Estoc worth buying? Yes, especially if you’re conscious about the environment.
Would I replace this if it broke? Probably not, because by the time this review is published something new has already popped up, and I much prefer rebuildables.

In closing I would like to thank Heavengifts for sending out the Vaporesso Estoc clearomizer!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at some Wotofo gear! The Serpent 50W boxmod and the Serpent Mini 24K Gold edition! Pimpin’!

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Another awesome review, that tank looks pretty good for a beginner, thanks!


Love your reviews! Everything you need to know all there in one place. :smiley:

Ecological clearomizer, eh? Lol! With coil heads that still need to get tossed every other week, this doesn’t change a thing. In case anyone’s serious about their vaping related carbon footprint, it would be a great idea to get one RTA/RDA that fits you, locally produced and designed (those clones getting flown all over the globe aren’t doing any good!), and just stick to that. :innocent:


I think you and Grubby nailed it. There’s still a huge market for people who vape 6mg+ in these type tanks and one of the barriers (to getting fully off stinkies) is coil replacement costs. I know it bugged me when I used a Kanger setup and when your coil is bad there is no joy