Vaporesso tarot nano battery life

Hi all,
Hubby is having a problem with his vaporesso tarot nano battery discharching very quickly.
It is a month old, he has been using it all day, everyday. He top up charges in the car when travelling.
He uses it on wattage mode 18watts 0.4ohms.
Just this morning he used it for a few small sessions & the battery went flat.
On plugging it in to charge it said one hour 15 minutes to charge but it was at 100% in 45 minutes.
Used it again and the puff counter said 40 puffs and he lost 30% of battery.

It has had one “trauma”. On friday he had it in his jeans pocket and the mouth piece caught on a railing he was climbing over. The impact was pretty hard, it broke off part of the drip tip connector, which we glued back on.
Yesterday it seemed to be fine with the repaired tank tho…

Today after the battery went dead he changed the tank in case it had damaged the connector of the tank.

Any ideas why this may be occurring?
I am thinking the impact may have pulled something out of whack internally?

Many thanks in advance.

Being that you said it’s a month old… I’d say you probably got an ‘old stock’ unit (where it took too long to sell), or it was a defective battery to start with.

Unfortunately, given it’s been damaged, there’s no longer a way to see about getting anyone to replace it under warranty.

My best recommendation would be to replace it, but make sure to buy a mod with user replaceable batteries! (No sense sending an otherwise perfectly usable device to landfill because of a dead/weak/bad battery.)

Besides the fact that you’ll likely get a better experience, as well as longevity from a Samsung, LG, or Sony.

Sorry for your bad luck. Hopefully your next experience is a better one.


Thanks @Sprkslfly,
I didn’t think about the “old stock” issue.

We are definitely on our way to replacing our gear.
I just ordered batteries and a charger for a voopoo too that we were given months ago and havent used yet.
So another type of mod box will soon be ordered i daresay.
I do wish that we knew more before we started this process.
But as a noobs we initially wanted to cut costs of smoking asap and went with the smallest and cheapest options.
The nano was hubbys first step up.
Had i have known then what i know now we would have made different choices, lol
Live and learn :laughing:


For quality of vape, longevity, and decent battery life, I can strongly recommend pretty much any Smoant device. With the Cylon leading the way, and the Charon Mini in close second.

I think most of us feel that way… :wink:

I’d strongly suggest watching/reading a variety of the Team Steampugs reviews. Mjag and Ogre’s lean a bit to the more technical (while in a very end-user friendly way), and the others have a strong foundation in hands on and “comparative” experience (for my lack of a better way to put it ATM). :smiley:

Avoid Smok, Wismec, Joyetech, and eleaf IMO.
While all probably have their exceptions (and you might find an ok mod), why risk wading through all the inferior quality?


Thanks so much for your reply.
I have read a couple of reviews here but not watched any yet.

I knew about Smok, thanks to your Post Mortem :slight_smile:
Didnt know about Wismec or Joyetech.
Personal experience with eleaf AIO’s has me cautious but my sister is a fan and has just repurchased :disappointed:

I will take your advice on board, my sister and her fiance are the only vapers i know, apart from the bloke who runs the only vape store 100km’s away. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @Sevencasper! @Sprkslfly has a lot of good direction there. Happy shopping!!


Thanks @SmilingOgre I’m about to go and watch reviews! :slightly_smiling_face:


I can second the Smoant but Teslacigs is another one to watch out for, their designs are simply beautiful and the mods are sturdy and function well :+1:


You nailed it. Two damn nice products.


This is the reason why I always send people to an actual B&M shop (a good one where they actually help people and not just want to sell stuff) if they need to get started with vaping.
There is a hell of a lot to learn when you change from burning tobacco to electronic vapor devices.

Yes you will pay more, but you’ll also have a place to go to when you have questions or an issue like yours. Buying stuff online, especially if you’re buying stuff cheap from China, is taking a gamble, hoping and praying things will keep working. Sending it back and forth for possible warranty issues takes a long time and can cost you quite a lot of money too…

Over time you’ll learn your stuff and if you’re a little bit DIY minded, you may start opening your mods yourself to fix whatever breaks. At that time, it may be a good idea to save yourself some money and start ordering your stuff online (or you start this way and are open to cut your losses if anything goes wrong).

I mostly agree with what @Sprkslfly said, but I don’t see any reason why you should avoid Wismec. I urge you do to your research before buying ANYTHING, but I’m vaping on a Wismec RX 2/3 since December 2016 on a daily basis (I did put 3rd party firmware on it, Arcticfox) and it’s a very good device, not a single issue so far. Not bad for a £35 mod.

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Wismecs are especially good for skiers. In Michigan they make ski slopes out of landfills when the hump gets too big. I donated 3 wismes to skiers within 30 days of purchase. Every little bit helps!


Thanks @Josephine_van_Rijn I will have a look-see at those too!


Thanks @anon28032772 at this stage I’m not ruling anything out. As I said to @Sprkslfly earlier I am wary of Eleaf from personal experience, yet my sister has just repurchased (She has been vaping two years).
So Wismec will go on the “be wary” list.

It is good that you do this, I think it should be the norm. Unfortunately:

And that store was not even in existence then either :joy:

If there were do-overs, I would have taken the eight plus hour round trip to the city but I didn’t and here I am…:wink:
And very thankful for all the advice!! :+1:


That would be great in ideal conditions, but my experience has been THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Out of about 15 stores locally, there’s literally ONE where that’s the mentality.

The bigger problem is that most new vapers don’t know enough to begin to know what makes a store a good one or a bad one. I’ve gotten far better advice through forums like this, than I did in ALL but one local B&M. And even there, it was on point with quality advice in a forum (granted, the “noise floor” is higher on some forums than others… coughREDDITcough). So one still has to decipher who knows what.


I skied on those slopes when I was a youngster. First and last time.


So just send them to that 1 store…
Well, you probably have half a store at home and you can do a better job yourself but most people don’t have that wide a variety to let people try different things and find out what it is they can work with or most closely comes to the feeling they get from smoking tobacco.

I do agree that most shops are just shops, businesses that are there to make money. But even in this crappy vaping country, I can find a shop that has people with their heart in the right place, wanting to give people what they want/need.

Obviously, if it’s in no way convenient to go to such a shop, the next best thing is doing your research online, come talk to people on forums like this and buy it online.

It looks more to me like a battery problem than a problem with a component on the board, unfortunately short of replacing the internal battery there may be no fix, though you can try proper cycling the battery by using it completely then fully charging the battery several times.

I do disagree with the above statement, the Joyetech conglomerate went into the vaping industry with a couple of things in mind, make a safe & affordable device, and they have made many. We already know Joyetech, Wismec and Eleaf are actually the same company. I suspect the Joyetech secret conglomerate to be much larger than we know and include many of the devices we know by a different name.

So go ahead and wade through the Joyetech devices too, I saw a Joyetech eVic VTC Mini the other day for $12.34, what a deal. And my favorite Joyetech is ESPION Solo with ProCore Air.


I’m not in it for the hobby aspect. I’ve never been one to chase the latest & greatest of anything, so my experience with the many companies & models is limited. However, the eVic VTC Mini has been the workhorse of my fleet for 3 years and counting.

I received the eVic VTC Mini / Tron S combo from my daughter, for xmas a few years ago. I liked it so much that it became the primary mod for my stock up stash. I watched sales and clearances and slowly accumulated some at good prices. 3 years later, I’ve yet to dip into the stash because that first one is still going strong. It’s been knocked over a million times, dropped on hardwood floors, & concrete, and been accidentally drop kicked across the garage floor. It looks like hell, but it will not stop working as well as when I first received it.

Who knows, as @Sprkslfly said, there are exceptions to every story, good & bad. The other 7 Minis I have stashed could ALL be duds. I give them a quick test when I get 'em and back in the box they go. Granted, if a single 18650 mod wont do it for you, power-wise, keep shopping. I’m exclusively a single 18650 mod user. Mr Low Power here. I slap a fresh battery in it, and screw on a full tank (again Joytech) when I go to work in the morning, and it lasts all day.

Coincidentally, I also have eleaf iStick Picos in the stash. That’s my other mod that floats around the house, car, garage, etc. It’s never let me down either. So far, it’s been a very reliable mod (max tank size is 23 mm though).

The OP has gotten lots of good info to help with the decision. As is usually the case with gathering info on gear, flavors, vaping methods, and mixing info, the person usually goes into info over-saturation! :flushed:

Good luck on the hunt!


I’m going to second the VTC Mini/VTwo Mini. I’ve got one that’s been knocked over, dropped, thrown across my garage a few times(Due to bad nerve damage that randomly causes me to throw whatever I happen to be holding at the time) and even a car accident. Other than a few paint chips and some reglued magnets it runs like a champ. It now holds pride of place in my Vape-Apocalypse Box next to my Sigelei 150 and Kanger SubTanks with V1 RBA’s. If everything else in my stash were to go Tango-Uniform, I KNOW that those mods and those atomizers will still get me where I need to be!


While I haven’t owned any of their products, I have read good things about VooPoo’s line of mods. Both the Drag and the Too are commonly well regarded in the other forum I frequent. From all that I’ve read, Smoant and Modifined(The non-DNA boarded devices of Lost Vape) make some quality devices as well.