Vaporfi hack?


So I just got a strange email from (what I thought was) Vaporfi today. I have only ordered from these guys once, YEARS ago, when I first started vaping, so I was a bit taken back. To save myself some time and explanation, here is the email;

At first I was concerned that someone, some how, got my CC and was ordering from Vaporfi?? I knew damn well it wasn’t me, since my store bought juice days only lasted 1 week, and those purchases were made a lifetime ago. I was just about to click my account in the email, when I stopped myself and copied the link address of the “invoice” first…

Sure enough, it wasn’t a link to Vaporfi, it was a link elsewhere;

https ://

Now, I didn’t leave the entire address here, for the sake of someone clicking it, but this was a fraction of the start of it. I have contacted Vaporfi with this and the possibility they could of been hacked and lost some of their customer’s info?

I have changed my bank/CCs since ordering from them, so many years ago, so I’m not worried about fraudulent activity. I thought I would share this, just in case someone has ordered from these guys or receives an email from “them”

Ciao bellas


Thanks for the heads up! I made the awful mistake of buying from them when I first started vaping. Anything that is their brand (not cosmic fog) is horrible and super expensive! I gave them all away! I also have had my credit card # luckilly changed since then. But the warning is sincerely appreciated!


Yep, again, tnx for the warning! Friend of mine ordered juice from them 2 1/2 years ago…all of the juices were perfumy or very chemical tasting. I always had the impression that they mostly relied on the newbie, who wasn’t really familiar with good juice or gear. And I liked how they sponsored or designed sites which listed them as #1 or #2 in favorite juice sites. Always smelled slightly of cheese to me.


Well they didn’t seem to concerned… They told me they probably screwed up and emailed me someone else’s invoice. So they obviously didn’t read the part where I said it was all through my account, with my name and the link was not to their website…



sounds like you may have spoke with a rep that didn’t know or fully understand what you were trying to tell them …


Maybe if you copied and pasted this logo at the bottom of your email… they might have read it a bit closer! :rofl:



i will say i googled this site and it came back as an invoice service, so it is a possibility that some wires got crossed on an update or something like that.


Yeah I checked it out too, but when compared to the legit order I placed years ago, it directed me right to their site and not redirected. Who knows, just glad my CC info is no longer valid


Yea man, like I said I don’t know anything about it, just saying it is a possibility of an honest mistake. However slim it may be.


That’s crazy. Sorry to hear about that. Thank goodness you changed your account info and unlike years ago, PayPal is now a much desired payment method by many consumers. @Norseman linked me to this thread after I posted on MV a recent business insider report article about VaporFi making a huge expansion. Hopefully they will address this issue and offer some sort of warning to their consumers of this type of scam/hack.

"MIAMI, Aug. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Today, VaporFi announced 19 brick-and-mortar store openings in 6 states across the US and 2 other countries internationally "