"vapours tounge""

new to this website, have been in the game for over 4 going on 5 years now with vaping so I know most things etc, but… The one thing IV never put my finger on is the so called vapours tounge… Iv just recieved the Atlantis mega today and stuck it on my 100w and decided to but heisgenburg in which I haven’t used in over a week due to saving it as a treat for this tank etc… But after the first 2-3 pulls I’m loosing all taste but the menthol… Any ideas why? I have it at 1.0 ohm 50w, go to the gym everyday drink lots of fluids, and my mix is at 20% when I mix liquids, thanks Nathan

Do you know if the juice contains ethyl maltol (EM)? You
may be sensitive to it, and EM can really mess with your taste buds. Try
vaping something else, even unflavored for a bit, then come back to it
and see if it repeats. The 100W should vaporize a lot of liquid and
therefore give you a good hit of EM :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Other than that, it might just be a random thing this one time?

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Hello! And I bought it as a concentrate to mix, I didn’t use any EM nor does the consentrate, it’s very strange, I hate coffee but iv balled it and started drinking some and this has slightly helped, do you also thunk I need to up the percentage of consentrate I use etc? Thanks,nathan

Unless you know the recipe, it could contain EM (Cotton Candy) - so it could still be this I guess.

I’m guessing you mixed the concentrate at the recommended percentage? That is usually a good and fairly strong amount - I wouldn’t count on upping the percentage to help, but I guess it’s worth a try?

Vaper’s tongue after 2-3 pulls sound very weird!

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I will email the company and find out, and honestly 2-3 pulls and it’s gone, the first 2 or 3 Is a mint with like a bubblegum fruit, can’t put my finger in it! But after that it’s just like a menthol sweet, even with the cutwork boss reserve, that’s got a s**t load of flavours, after a few pulls it’s like a gone off milk flavour… which it should be honey,banana,caramel etc, every liquid has been the same, the only ones what weren’t was years ago on the egos, those liquids stayed the same… weird stuff

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If anything you might wanna try dropping the percentage you’re mixing at. You could be overwhelming your taste buds, especially if the Atlantis is your first sub-ohm style tank and you’re used to tanks that mute flavor more. Maybe try a mix at 15 or even 10% and see if that helps?

edit: Or, I just thought of this, is your juice wicking OK? If the cotton is too tight you might be getting semi-dry hits. I think that might be more likely than my first suggestion.

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First thing I would do is try a different Ejuice that you know has good flavor. If the new Ejuice has flavor from start to finish then you know your problem was that juice. If the new juice also has no flavor then I would try both juices in another tank that you know gave you good flavor in the past. If you now have good flavor then it is the Atlantis that is the problem (Truth be told the Atlantis is known for Vapor, not for Flavor). Still no flavor after changing the tank then you most likely have Vapor Tongue and should mix up some no flavor ejuice and vape that for about a week…

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Cheers guys! I have made a 10 ml of heisenburg at 10% half the usual j use, I will see if this is any better then j will get back to you!

Think iv figured it out… If you like coffee have a mild coffee and sip now and again, but what’s worked best for me… putting an rda on, fresh cotton and dripping liquids that you hate that ylu may have lying around, I don’t know why but doing this for about 20 minuets, then going back to my regular that I couldn’t taste yesterday, the taste has stayed for about 3-4 hours… hope this helps anyone with the same problem etc, and can anyone recommend any consentrates to try? Cheers nathan

If you don’t do minty often, I like TPA Peppermint as a palate cleanse. 3% for a nice clean mint or 6% if you’re looking for a mind-wiping mintsplosion.