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Vapril Challenge


Here in the UK we can see a smoking cessation nurse at the local surgery and receive the usual patches / gums / inhalators but you can also purchase a basic vape kit in most pharmacy’s / supermarkets.



Super cool! :sunglasses::tada:



We should do something like that in the states. Such a Brilliant idea!!!


Was looking at that link and saw this.

The public health section

Are e-cigs safe to use in pregnancy?
A study supported by Professor Linda Bauld of Stirling University and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) found that vaping products are much less harmful than cigarettes during pregnancy and should be used as a tool to assist pregnant mothers to give up smoking.


Thats nice, more docs should get involved in these things!
My doc for example is kind of against it and sees it as Vaping = Smoking.

I hope one day all eyes will open.
I still get odd looks on the street from smokers and non smokers…


What would that be? Develop common sense among the masses?


Couldn’t agree more @Dan_the_Man. Thank you @anon45050679 for this information.