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[Vaptio Giveaway] Cosmo Kit for Starters MTL/DL Vaping -Ended

Done=) A years ago=)

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Ok i understand it

1.OK, now everyone knows we are old :frowning:

It’s so cute! …but 1500 mAh won’t last very long unless you’re a tootie puffer.

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1 Done

2 Ok i know

Definitely 18+ so that box is :white_check_mark:

I do like the purple colour, Removed comment, didn’t see the 5 pack,lol.

whaaaaaa…? seriously? $12 per coil??? :rage:
Somebody, please tell me that’s a mistake

EDIT: Ahhh! I just checked that , thanks @Dan_the_Man for the link :+1:

If you click on “coil”" and scroll right to the bottom of the page, you find the words - in teeny tiny font

5 Cosmo Coils in a pack

Bit of a PR error that, methinks.


1 Done i am 42

2 - Cool kit!

#1 Wow! Cool kit!

#2 amazing contest!

Thanks for the chance, Vaptio! And thank you for the SUPER simple entry… what a nice change from the normal ‘follow these 73 instructions’ kinda contest. :wink:


#Post 1


#Post 2

Thank you for the chance!

Well then, I guess we can post as much as we want. I need something to review lol

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@SunnyT @cincinnatiking79 @juice_junkie_lover @muth


1 Thank you for the contest!

2 Cool kit!