[Vaptio giveaway] How do you feel about the Vaptio COSMO Kit? ends on Feb11

Winners’ Time!

Thanks for all your participation and sorry for a bit delay because the of the holiday. I am sure you cannot wait for the result!
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Now we know what arrtacts you most about Cosmo kit and your opinions are surely helpful for our future products improvement. Vaptio next giveaway is coming soon, pls stay tunned!!

Hi guys!

This time, Vaptio would like to know your opinion about one of our top seller COSMO kit.

Easy to enter:
1, Get to know more about COSMO kit on our website: COSMO Kit
2, Tell us at least two points that attracts you most
3, You must be 18+ years old
4, no limitation of entries.

2 lucky winners will be announced on Feb 11 to own this popular kit. Good luck guys!


Nice colours and looks like a winner for people wanting quit smoking!

  1. Compact design.
  2. The shape and location of the fire button.

Mod Size: 20.327.068.9mm
3 Options of power level

I like the colors and it’s compatability with other common muli core coils.

Color & Form Factor

I like the colors and the size of the unit. It’s very nice looking looks like a perfect stealth vape :slight_smile:

Form Factor & mAh capacity

nice color choices and small size for on the go.

Design & Handfeel

1500mAh built-in battery
Small size

Colorful & Handsome

Design and battery life

Colour and design

Im over 18 (i can still even remember it)

Color selection and looks nice

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Good device for new nic salt vapors pocket or purse. Won’t eat a lot of juice-up unless you want to use on Higher power.

3 Power levels: Low, Medium and High
Output Wattage: 1~30W Max
Tank Capacity: 2.0ml
Battery: Built-in 1500mAh


Good luck all

@robin @Heatho72 @SunnyT

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New Review for the Pico Squeeze 2 kit and spoiler alert. I like it. It is now in my daily rotation.

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