Velocity RTA Review

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Ok every body, I have had the Velocity RTA long enough to give a half way decent review.
First, when it finally arrived I was very excited, only to be let down by the packaging. I am not one of those people that fawns over the package, but I do expect it to be secure. The box it came in was a flimsy little box that would blow apart if you sneezed on it, which is what must have happened. because it was mutilated. So i got it out of the “Box” and it looked to be well made and clean. One wash and rinse and I was ready to put my fused clapton 28 gauge kanthal wrapped with 36 gauge kanthal, on. Before I get that far I also received some o rings and extra hex screws. Lastly there was an extra glass tank.
Second, while putting the build in I of course stripped a nut. After realizing how soft they are, I put the rest in without incident.
On to wicking, Which was not as hard as you may believe. The best way I found is to remove the glass and use a piece of 26 guage kanthal to push it down into the holes (refer to pictures at the topic interesting velocity rta) if you don’t have kanthal, use a blunt needle, like the ones we use for our diy mixes. Once you fill the tank with your favorite juice ( i used the same blunt needle i used to wick to fill the tank) it is time to vape.
The flavor is spot on. It is just right. Love it.
Air flow. Way to much in my opinion. Any body that has a velocity, knows what I mean. I spend a lot of time wiping it down, juice loves to come out of the airflow.Not a lot, it does not leak, but I am always wiping it down.
It does come with a chuff cap and an adapter for your own 510 drip tip.
All in all I love the flavor I get from this RTA. I also love how easy it is to build on it. Would I buy another if I lost it?
No, I don’t think I would. The reason I say that is because I also Squonk. For those of you that do not know what that means, it is a bottom fed device.
That is that. if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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Thanks for the review @Dan_the_Man!..Informative :+1:
Probably not gunna get one though…enough on the shopping list already.

Nice review @Dan_the_Man,

I’ve order the styled/clone Velocity RTA, I mainly use tanks but after seeing some youtube video’s I thought I would get one, the original is way beyond my budget - lol…

Just ordered my velocity from ft with the 20% off code kunghei.

@Pattie it was the 20% that got me to order it, I did add a 20 pack of Replacement Socket Set Screws at the same time only $1.20.

I ordered this one:

Got the same one but in ss. Never thought about set screws… Hmmm back to ft i go. :+1:

@john_Lewis I think you will enjoy it. I also am mostly a tank guy, but you know how sometimes a juice just tastes better dripped? What I like about this velocity rta is it is a tank and a dripper at the same time. Brilliant. Also, i have been getting into builds therefore i am getting into dripping.

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I know what you mean @vonTrueso. I want I want I want. Just to name a few, just for the fun of it. The Aeronaut RDA. The Cuboid, The noisy cricket, Twisted messes RDA, and Indestructable RDA. I better stop now or i will never stop.

@Dan_the_Man yeah there is to much choice now, the Velocity will take about a month to get here which will give me time to look at coil builds. I have the Twisted messes RDA which is nice looking but I find it hard to build above 4-6 wrap 24 gauge parallel coils as there is not a lot of space and my eyesight is not at its prime any more.

@Pattie thought I would let you know as in the reviews on FT there is a few people complaining about screw threads not lasting very long.

Not a lot of space on a Twisted Messes RDA!? I thought that was the whole point of his stuff. Geez, that’s really a surprise. Glad I did not shell out the dosh for one.

@therabidweasel I just find it hard to build on because of the centre post, I prefer the post to be like the Velocity far apart which gives me more room.

Its already bought but for 8 bucks if it lasts it lasts. I’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks.

@john_Lewis I know what you mean about the eye sight. let me post a pic of the solution i came up with. it is less than twenty bucks at harbor frieghts

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@john_lewis this thing works wonders. it is a magnifiying glass and a lamp. if it wasnt for this thing i couldn’t do any build

@Dan_the_Man I like that especially with the light :smiley: will have a look for one. I will let you know when the Velocity arrives.


@john_lewis hey i found something else that is pretty cool. i don’t have a picture but it is a watch repair magnifyer from gear best. it is a pair of glasses with different lenses you prop down. looks pretty cool. only seven dolla.

@Dan_the_Man just had a look at them, there on back order till Feb 21st. I think for $7 there worth a try.

Best not answer the door with them on…lol…


:heart_eyes: arent they cool.