Velocity v2

ok quick question , i got my first rda today and am doing a single coil , on one post if i use the top hole do i use the bottom hole on other post ???


That’s what I do. Atleast in my cloned version.

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If only one coil it doesn’t matter as long as each end of wire is attached to separate post.


Try this :+1:


You could really use either top or bottom on each post, though with the velocity, I’d probably use the bottom on both posts. It would get the coil down closer to the primary air intakes. I do a variation on this build for my series boxes.

Here it is on a Petri clone. Effectively I turn one coil into two coils in series by stretching the center wrap out and then bending the coils so they are diagonal to eachother.


quick question…the petri clone…nice protruding 510 on those for the
cricket? I purchased 2 crickets and was looking into good/safe rda’s.

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so i figured i would cheat a little and ordered some notch coils by tobeco that are prewicked , just to get use to installing the wires to the post and to get the feel of how to place the coil , BOY WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY everyone of them broke while putting wire in the posts or were already broke , but the one i did get installed caught fire a little bit , im wondering if i had all the cotton soaked , this is why i didnt get into rda but im here now and have to learn , this is just to test the juice i make soif i want to vape at 50 watts what gauge wire shoulld i buy

One whole post is negative, the other is positive, so like already said, you’re grand so long as one end of your coil goes to each side.


this pic actually helps alot , seeing things is easier then reading directions lol


As for wire I am a big fan of 24g ss316L

But you will find people like all sorts of stuff and just like juice it’s all about personal preference.

That being said. Look into what the final product you want. In this case it will be the ohm level and other stuff like ramp up time. Be willing to try a few different materials. Ti Ss ni ect.

So when buying wire before clicking the purchase button I would recommend the thought process of “how many wraps do I need to get an ‘X’ ohms”. Persoanlly I like a 5-7 wrap coil around 0.25 to 0.5 depending on the device.

For my velocity v2 clone. I actually rock a single coil 6strands braided ss326L coil. 5/6 wrap. Ohms out at 0.25. It gets plenty hot, but no to hot and the ramp of speed is right where I need it.


thats a ton of detail my friend lol i was hoping it was gonna be , if you like to vape at 50 watts you should do this , lol , then i would do it but ty lol

For coils and building its all about safety. I try not to give an exact answer. I always recommend research and testing. Have Atleast an ohm reader…I recommend a coilmaster tab just so that I can fire my coils on there prior to placing on my mod…plus it’s less tippy.

Here is the link for deciding coil wraps. I’m sure you have found this link.

To be honest I’m still new to building game. I spend 4 hours every two weeks playing with my builds. When you get the perfect build in the device imo there is no need to change because for me it’s all about the recpies.

For my uwell Rafeal X. I rock 24g ss316 dual coil using the neutral post and run at around 54w or in tc mode at 493 degrees.

My velocity I’m still playing. But I put single coil builds with ss316L. I don’t do the dual coil claptons because the ramp up time is so slow.

The cool part about building is customization. Add one more wrap and everything changes on your coil. Change gauge from 24 to 26…wam’o life has changed.


How to use steam engine

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when people talk about ramp up time , is that the time it takes coil to heat up ???

I believe so, or that’s how I use that term

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Thats the ticket.


You like to vape at 50 watts. What mod are you using? The more information you give us the more we can help. Agree with others you need an ohms reader. Recommend you look at jigs to help you build coils. Also a lot of videos on YouTube to help you. In my opinion start with simple single wire coils. Experiment …size wire…ohms range you like. The more coils you make the easier it gets. The main thing is be safe. Make sure your batteries can handle the amps. Hope this helps. You have a lot to learn. The learning never stops.