Venturing out from ELR is Futile

I’ve joined a few FB groups a couple weeks ago. Last night I figured I’d join in on the conversations.

I’m amazed at the vape IQ of some these people out here. ELR is definitely a higher level vape group. Forgive me for browsing. It’s been a joke all night.

The OP of this post want to buy the top tanks for flavor and airflow.

Travis Labelle Uwell crown, Herakles, tfv4 (if you don’t care about flavour)
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ME That’s a false statement. If you want the best flavor go with any of those tanks Travis named with Ti. I just started in this group today, but bad info is rampant here. So you’re saying as tanks evolve flavor is getting worst?

This OP says he can’t get good vape from Ti. I tried to help out. Before I could analyze his problem here comes someone far off base and sidetracked the whole post

OP I can’t get a good vape out of Ti anything for some reason. I feel like im doing something wrong. Hardly any flavor, hardly and vapor. Just lackluster all the way around. I’ve even have the Ti coil heads for the tfv4 and they suck. I feel like I am doing somethign wrong
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Me What kind of mod are you using? Super low ohms need to run high watts.
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Timothy Baxley Ti is for Temp Control… watts shouldn’t matter on most Mods.
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OP Dna200. I set up my Ti profile using the proper CSV files, vaped at 400-450 degrees
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ME Are you running stock coils? Most people I know that vape Ti no longer vape anything else. Maybe some SS, but no Nickel or Kanthal.
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ME (Timothy Baxley Ti is for Temp Control) I ran Ti before TC was available. With some older TC mods TC and Watts run together. 20w and 600 degrees don’t work on my older TC mods.
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Timothy Baxley Right but all the Watts does for mods like that is control how quickly it can adjust the temp. More watts=quicker more frequent adjustments.
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ME You need enough watts reach the higher temps on the super low ohm builds like I run. 20-40 won’t jump off a .06-.08 TI build.
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OP Do you have a suggested build. Only thing I have left is .4mm and .5mm Ti Wire.
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ME I build everything below .10. It’s whatever you prefer. My main build is .5mm Grade 1 Ti, 2-2.5mm ID spaced 4-5 wraps
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Timothy Baxley Your average Ti build is going to be around .5 ohms usually.
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Timothy Baxley .4mm…single coil, 11 wraps… 22 wraps for dual. Should be around .5 ohms
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Timothy Baxley Use
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ME Looks like Tim has it all covered. You asked me for a build. Good luck getting 22 spaced wraps in a tank.
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Timothy Baxley That’s true…but that’s how to get to .5 ohms lol
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OP I don’t need or even really want a .5ohm Ti build. I was saying that I have .5mm Ti wire. referring to wire as a guage isn’t really accurate for Ti or Ni200 since it is a non-resistance wire, unlike Kanthal or Nichrome.
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ME I thought you trying to figure out why your Ti builds suck. My bad… I’m out.
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Timothy Baxley Yeah by “build” i thought you were wanting something that will work… but ok… nevermind.
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Greg Ivey

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Dang, guy had his mind made up to know it all and not to listen right from the get go huh? Well there’s no accounting for stupidity.

PV, I have some questions for you and thought about just pm’ing you. But I think since I’m probably not the only one new to TC and different wire from Kanthal, I think your insights may be helpful to others. So I’ll start a thread and see if you can help. Oh, and I’ll listen too! :slight_smile:


Another Dumb Ass Vaper…

Kenneth Keefer You people just don’t get it. The FDA is trying to label it a “smoking cessation treatment” so the FDA can tax the fuck out of it. Yes, its helping me quit, because that’s what I’m using it for. By no means is it a safe alternative to smoking, but it is a much healthier alternative. You’re not kicking a habit, your replacing a haabit with a hobby. All this “helped me quit smoking” crap is exactly what our government needs to hand vaping to the FDA.
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ME They gonna take it anyway… I’m hoping it don’t get banned. Tobacco is paying the gov and they stand to lose a lot of $$$ if we keep quitting at the rate we are. Predictions are that there will be more vapers than smokers by 2020. The FDA is trying to slow it down so they can keep collecting from Big T. Payments are based on sales, so they both are losing because vapers are choosing to live.
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ME BTW tell me what’s dangerous about vaping. You obviously Know something that I don’t know. Vapers like you will be the reason we lose it all. If you’re smart and step your nic level down… YOU CAN QUIT.
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No Kenneth Keefer, you don’t get it. You must be smokin Reefer, Kenneth Keefer !!!


See what I’m sayin’ Vapers confrontation instead of uniting

Kenneth Keefer Notbjust the big T Payne ts. Chemo, surgeries, prescription drugs for emphysema, pain, cessation, and countless other things. We are cha going the world with vaping, showing that we aren’t stupid, and they are tryi ng to make sure we keep with their program. We are deviating from hundreds of years of pure idiocyz which they learned to benefit from, and they don’t like it, because they make money off of “cattle” when we just run to the hospital because we are dying from smoking. People need to open their eyes. This is a form of revolution, not just a hobby. Don’t give them a good reason to take it, by saying it is medically beneficial and smoking cessation. Its an alternative, not a cure. Every cure that has ever existed, they have taken control of. There’s no profit in a cure, and there is profit in vaping. They want the money. If they stop selling shit so highly priced, they won’t want their piece of it. Its a lot more than most people are willing to recognize, but its not fucking rocket science. The math in ohms law and battery safety is much more complex and people know that shit. Just sayin.
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I just hope they don’t ban vaping!!!

Just take a stand and show some UNITY PLEASE!!! We get enough SHIT from outsiders.


I just gave up on this guy. He must be…

Kenneth Keefer I’ve been vaping for two years now, I run perfectly safe parallel 18650’s and Vape all day around .14-.12. I know the batteries in my mod could burn my house down if I was an idiot. I know my mechs could kill me if I didn’t take care of them. I know that too many people do unsafe shit trying to be the “best” at vaping. I’m not trying to get the vaping industry pulled into the FDA, because its not a medical treatment! Its a fucking hobby!


Ok, so not everyone is a genius I know. But come one man…firmware update for a tank?

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hahah I want a firmware update for my tank! :smiley:


I think he means he upgraded his X Cube to fix an issue he had with the resistance not being read correctly on his tank :grinning:

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I had a look at a Dutch forum today. The main reason was to see if there was some info on where to buy 100mg/ml nicotine for a reasonable price.
First thing that I saw was, ‘no discussions allowed about high level nicotine’. They don’t want to irk the authorities who’ve come up with a ban on liquids that contains more than 20mg/ml nicotine.
I guess there will be no discussions about tanks that hold more than the allowed 2ml either :confounded:
Needless to say it was a very short visit.


It’s tough to find another forum that isn’t inhabited by big swinging dicks and overly opinionated morons. :smirk: But, within some of those forums, IF you can isolate tolerable/educated topics/threads… pleasant commradery on certain topics is possible.


I think we are really lucky here at ELR that we have people that actually got a brain installed and using it. Been looking at forums everywhere and i must say most got a really low standard compared to what we got here.


But my dear, that is my main reason for being online, looking for those :sunglasses:


When you have found that place please shoot me a link or something so i can get in on it too.

Some UK shops have very good prices but don’t ship abroad. The best place I’ve found so far is, ELRECIPES will get you a 10% discount.
They’re still not cheap though but I will get some more before May 20.


Thanks dear. :thumbsup:


You’re very welcome, didn’t you send me the link to that German shop with their amazing prices for PG and VG? Just returning the favour :grin:

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I sure did and i still get really affordable VG from them. Got 5 liter in today that costed me 15€ with included DHL.

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I’m now a member of a handful of forums, I have to be to do my thang and you’re absolutely right about the amount of unbelievable cockwombles out there, I’ve come to blows with a few, on AAEC I lasted an afternoon :confounded:… it was horrendously hostile, but there is a handful of ones that are quite friendly, there’s also a new one in the UK called ‘The Vaping Rat’ which have a similar stance on things to ELR, very relaxed, Planet of the Vapes is also quite a nice place to be and Vaping Underground too although I only speak to a specific thread/bunch on there…the rest I could care less about, the least time I spend there the better…but there really is no place like home, everything from the people to the software is far FAR superior on ELR.


This is a little exchange I had on another forum. Gillian is the head of the Irish Vape Vendors Association. I wasn’t impressed with her attitude so I returned the favor. Conor is a vaper that was asking about advocacy and she doesn’t approve of emails to politicians.

Damian Sweeney This is one of the only advocacy related posts I’ve seen so far. I would encourage everyone to email and tell them about your experiences with vaping and how it helped you kick the stinkies.

Gillian Eva Golden The IVVA made a submission to the HIQA draft HTA Damian, and I and others had posted about it here too. Not sure if any vapers made a submission though.

Damian Sweeney I’ve only joined this group about a week ago so I haven’t really seen any posts about it. I made a submission and I also got a call back from the public consultation part of it. We can still email the joint committee on health and make our voices heard. They’re meant to be representing us after all.

Conor Slattery I’ve screen grabbed this now. I’ll fire off an email tomorrow.

Gillian Eva Golden 13 submissions from “individuals”, although some of those work in various organisations, and a few replied with regrettably, grossly misinformed commentaries.

Conor Slattery I’m just going to ship on my own personal experiences. I’m happily uneducated in the physics/science behind vaping and when it comes to tests and studies I need verifiable results, which I might never get due to them being “blocked” or studies not receiving funding. Whatevs. So yeah, I know about me so I’ll give them that for their file.

Damian Sweeney You can use these two reports as a reference point, just so your email isn’t grossly misinformed.
Damian Sweeney
Damian Sweeney
Damian Sweeney

Damian Sweeney And one more from the Office of National Statistics.