Very new to DIY. What should I make with this

If you are still looking for the menthol taste I always tell people to start adding fruit flavors to their menthol. It helps you adjust from not 100% tasting like a menthol but a blend. Then you can play from there. My favorite Menthol blend is lime mix with wild cherry. Sort of a Mojito type blend with the minty taste. That is just my 2 cents :smiley:

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I like the menthol just for the extra throat hit nothing else tbh…I was wondering if could suggest anything but menthol…because as I am located in Australia I have to order from the US which takes at least 3 weeks to get here. So if you guys could refer me some flavors that would help me make a range of recipes what would they be…to be even more clear - what would I need in my ‘stash’ in order to be able to make diverse recipes…btw I just made some watermelon nd kiwi 2 days ago tried steeping in hot water bath, flavor seems a bit harsh but not too bad, is their any side effects to this?

Depending on the brand i find kiwi needs a few days of time to settle down

As for menthol, koolada isn’t menthol but gives that cooling effect.

As to what to buy there are a few threads here that go into great detail on flavor suggestions for a fort time diy’er. You don’t want my Monkey thumbs trying to type them all out.

That being said one of the best recomendations is to pick 3-6 or as many recipies as you can that you think you will like and buy based on that. Then buy as many flavors you can buy beyond that.

The goal is not to buy 10 random flavors and can only mix five different things. Newbies sometimes do that and the get stuck because there are only 2 or 3 flavor profiles available. If you buy based on highly recpies ideally you end up with Atleast 3-6 quality mixes and a handful of other potentials.

Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid
Getting started in DIY can be an intimidating thing. There seems like a lot to know and there’s so much information available that it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. The following links are collected together to hel… read more

Also check out the very tippy top three in the beginners section. Great info on top 8 flavors to have and ect.

Thanks mate for pointing me right. Yes you are right, first time is intimidating to do diy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the EU but I order from Australia a lot. has very good prices and a wide variety of brands and flavours. You should try it :grinning:


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:slight_smile: I’m not sure how to post the pretty Dillio while on my phone.

If you paste a link to another thread on a line by itself it should automatically format it like that. Not sure if it works the same on a phone though. I’ll have to test that out. :wink:

It does :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, I was worried that only usa makes FDA approved juices which are diacetyl and acetone free right…correct me if I’m wrong

Hmmmm. I don’t think the fda is doing anything just yet.

As @Chrispdx said, there’s no such thing as an FDA approved anything when it comes to vaping.

so how do you know which juice stores dont have these ?? I mean i dont think these chemicals can ve harmful, but i also believe they wont be harming me more than smoking, but still i just want to know which organization regulates this as i could search for none.

There isn’t any type of regulation. You basically have to rely on what the manufacturers and vendors tell you and hope that they are being honest. This is one of the biggest ‘pros’ for regulations. Some type of oversight isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Until then, it’s also a big reason why a lot of us DIY—so we know what is going into the juice we are vaping.

As far as which retail juices have diketones and which do not, I can’t help you there. I haven’t really kept up with any of that, as I haven’t bought juice in over two years. I am personally not particularly concerned about diketones either, so I haven’t made an effort to research much.


Oh well, I don’t mind honestly anything is better than going back to ciggies. :slight_smile:


As @JoJo and @Chrispdx are saying, there is no such thing. The creamy flavours usually are with diacetyl or acetone and if not, they will contain butyric acid instead. Some people rather have the diacetyl than the butyric acid because it smells like vomit. The opinions on the safety of butyric acid are also varying. There hasn’t been any real testing as of yet, or maybe there has been, but they are not honest about what they discover. They are only scaremongering to get people back to the cash cow they call tobacco. We are talking trace amounts though and compared to the 4000+ chemicals I’ve been inhaling for 44 years I’d say it’s a lot better than what I’ve inhaled before. I don’t need government officials to assure me of that, I know how I feel since I stopped smoking and started vaping. The flavour brands at are the same ones they sell in the US so they will not be less safe than anything you order there, you will just get it a lot quicker and I assume a lot cheaper.


What you said does make good sense, vaping is way superior to smoking when it comes to health benefits. Looks like it’s Ozzy flavors for me from now on and stop whining about traces of harmful chemicals. But legit testing results would definitely be something that should be considered aswell, what if that small trace is all you need to get a disease, I don’t know maybe I’m worrying a bit too much :stuck_out_tongue: …just concerned about all vapors not talking only for myself. Hope I don’t get misunderstood due to this and get bashed here, it’s only curiosity.


We don’t do any bashing here, we just try to help others and respect the fact that different people have different opinions :grinning:


Sometimes we may get a bit snarky, maybe alittle goofy. But I’ve found the only thing that doesn’t get well recieved is hiding behind a new account and trying to promote a product/company when you are from that company.

I’ve said plenty of dumb dumb stuff. Or slightly off and havnt recieved any negativity. Sure, a few opportunities to learn something new of course.

Welcome to ELR.