Very new to DIY. What should I make with this

Hi guys,

Very new to this but wanted to get some ideas of what I could make with the flavours concentrates I have.

Strawberry (Ripe)
French Vanilla
Bavarian Cream
Belgian Waffle
Cheesecake (Graham Crust)
Graham Crust

I would like to use a little of each in one recipe but have no clue on how much of each to add.

What I like is around 6mg Nic 30\70 VG\PG

Can anyone recommend some recipes that use all these flavours? I thought they would all sort of work together.

Many thanks for your time.

If/once you place your flavorings into your stash, you can select the “What can I make” button and a list of recipes will come up with suggestions of recipes that have been created already with the ones you have.

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Hi thanks for the reply.

I guess that is kind of working but not with all the flavours I have.Only end up with a few.

Yeah that sounds just about right. There are just a few flavor profiles you have to work with. I do wish I had waffle in my flavor stash. That sounds so good right now.

Strawberry waffle
Strawberry waffle vanilla.
And so on.

Cheers Chrispdx.

Strawberry Waffle Vanilla is sounding like my first recipe.

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Just make sure to read up in on each flavor regarding what’s percents of each to put into your mix.

On that note you may not need too much vanilla since the waffle should have a bit of sweet/vanilla touch there.

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Awesome. Thanks for helping out a newbie!

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I would try about 4% strawberry ripe, 1% French vanilla, 3% Bavarian cream, 4% Belgian waffle, 2% cheesecake, =<1% graham crust.
But that’s just me winging it lol haven’t used Belgian waffle before. I love Bavarian cream though, yum. One of my favorite flavors to mix with. Especially paired with pastry/baked and fruits it almost always works awesomely.

I am new too DIY ejuice too. Any recommendations for flavors and recipes that are good for people who are trying to fight there cigarette cravings? Currently I have menthol at 18mg. I want to make some good tasting juices that are popular for quitters.

If you are still looking for the menthol taste I always tell people to start adding fruit flavors to their menthol. It helps you adjust from not 100% tasting like a menthol but a blend. Then you can play from there. My favorite Menthol blend is lime mix with wild cherry. Sort of a Mojito type blend with the minty taste. That is just my 2 cents :smiley:

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I like the menthol just for the extra throat hit nothing else tbh…I was wondering if could suggest anything but menthol…because as I am located in Australia I have to order from the US which takes at least 3 weeks to get here. So if you guys could refer me some flavors that would help me make a range of recipes what would they be…to be even more clear - what would I need in my ‘stash’ in order to be able to make diverse recipes…btw I just made some watermelon nd kiwi 2 days ago tried steeping in hot water bath, flavor seems a bit harsh but not too bad, is their any side effects to this?

Depending on the brand i find kiwi needs a few days of time to settle down

As for menthol, koolada isn’t menthol but gives that cooling effect.

As to what to buy there are a few threads here that go into great detail on flavor suggestions for a fort time diy’er. You don’t want my Monkey thumbs trying to type them all out.

That being said one of the best recomendations is to pick 3-6 or as many recipies as you can that you think you will like and buy based on that. Then buy as many flavors you can buy beyond that.

The goal is not to buy 10 random flavors and can only mix five different things. Newbies sometimes do that and the get stuck because there are only 2 or 3 flavor profiles available. If you buy based on highly recpies ideally you end up with Atleast 3-6 quality mixes and a handful of other potentials.

Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid
Getting started in DIY can be an intimidating thing. There seems like a lot to know and there’s so much information available that it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. The following links are collected together to hel… read more

Also check out the very tippy top three in the beginners section. Great info on top 8 flavors to have and ect.

Thanks mate for pointing me right. Yes you are right, first time is intimidating to do diy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the EU but I order from Australia a lot. has very good prices and a wide variety of brands and flavours. You should try it :grinning:


Guessing you meant to post this? :wink:

:slight_smile: I’m not sure how to post the pretty Dillio while on my phone.

If you paste a link to another thread on a line by itself it should automatically format it like that. Not sure if it works the same on a phone though. I’ll have to test that out. :wink:

It does :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, I was worried that only usa makes FDA approved juices which are diacetyl and acetone free right…correct me if I’m wrong