Very new to DIY

Hey guys, just started getting into mixing my own juice. i got into it by wanting to some good juice that i know is made well and high quality but not $20+ a 30ml bottle. What would be the best VG/PG brand to get to start mixing? I wanted to make higher VG juices if that helps. Thanks!

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google “essential depot glycube” if you’re in the states

It’s the best deal to keep you from jacking up shipping costs w/ multiple small orders of VG.

buy once, cry once.


Essential Depot has really good prices on PG and VG. I have also used Heartland Vapes. I buy my nic from Heartland Vapes also, and never had a problem with it. You have to watch where you buy your nicotine by the way :wink:

Being new here it is very highly recommended you read Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid

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Ya beat me to it :wink:

The Glycube is an awesome deal. I buy 3 gallons of VG and 1 gallon of PG. That keeps me going a very long time.

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I agree, Essential Depot makes a fantastic product, ive been mixing a few years and only purchase from them. A combination of price, quality and customer service.

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@AntVapes, where are you located? Could make a difference in cost.

Thanks for the help everyone. Definitely going to be ordering some vg off there. Any flavor companys that anyone would recommend too? Stuff thats not gonna taste like perfume or anything of the sort after a few weeks