Very specific cream used in almost all premium liquids

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Forgive me if this is a topic that has been covered already but I haven’t found the answer yet… I’m not sure if everyone on the forum is strictly DIY or also vapes premium stuff with the big price tag. I do both I love DIY but I just love vaping and it’s been a big part of my daily routine. I visit vape shops regularly and also DIY.

One thing I have noticed is a lot of cream based flavors like Mother Milk from Suicide Bunny, Or Kilo Dewberry Cream, or even Teleos Chewy, a long with pretty much any primo cream based flavors I have bought all have one thing in common. They all use one very specific cream that I definitely do not have in my arsenal. It’s so bluntly obvious when you smell these bottles a long with a ton of other stuff I have tried in stores that they are 99% of the time using the cream that I have smelled in a million primo flavors. I’m just wondering if anyone knows here what it is? I have all the creams from FW,FA,HA,TFA,CAP, and several more brands. I literally have over 1000 extracts from the regular brands we all know and love here in DIY. Let me say that whatever cream the primo companies have are definitely not something I have. If anyone has any information on this please do tell! It’s been killing me.


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Bro! Ixney on the OpsecretTey! haha You may as well ask for the location of the Ark of the Covenant. This is everybody’s Holy Grail quest once they get knee deep into DIY. As such, this could be the greatest thread of all time. I have the exact same experience, and little clues have been dropped in many other threads.

Surely it’s different for different types/profiles of recipes, but I agree there’s something similar in many (good) commercial juices that just adds a certain “body” …maybe better expressed as something not PG/VG related and nor really tied to flavoring themselves. So think flavors that add mouthfeel and little flavor …like coconut at low % and White Chocolate (TPA).

I try and capture these type of secret sauce ingredients when casually mentioned on the Forum, and that would include saline and vodka. @AaronR I don’t think it’s a cream but has that same kind of thickness… great post!

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I feel you on that BoDarc. Not necessarily a cream, but some obscure flavourings that only give body and mouthfeel, can easily be misconstrued as a cream, and in conjunction with them you would miss any defining notes. I discovered recently that TPA cream soda has a very unique taste and mouthfeel to it, in small amounts 1-2% it can do some pretty wild things, but I’m only just starting to play with it.

I’m wondering if there is a forum post here that just deals with these sort of, what would you call them? “carrier” flavours?


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No-one can say for certain but try marshmallow(TPA) and cream fresh(FA)

I use them in my liquids to add body, sweetness and mouthfeel @ 1% and 1.5% respectively

Also note that coconut at lower amounts does something similar.

I have a mothers milk clone private recipe that I’m developing, adapted from Dominicks I’m really really close.


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I don’t think it’s a specific single cream flavour you’re refering to, but rather a blend of flavours and additives that when layered correctly can work together to enhance the resulting mix.


Perhaps it’s Vanillin ?

My guess would be Capella’s Vanilla Custard. There are certainly a LOT of choices out there, but I would guess that VC is in most things that are called “premium”. (Oh, and V1 for sure!)


I agree. Either some Cap VC1, or one of the usual creams plus 1 - 2% Vanillin.

I opened one of my stocked ANML Looper bottles today, after finishing a kilo… While working & vaping on some mixes same time, I agree that there’s something that rounds and smoothens flavors, causing them to “blend” nicely plus a dose of swteetener.

My guess was cotton candy EM, so I’m adding it to my next TPA order to try (and Marshmallow too). Add the creamy thick vanilly feel. I already have a sweetener but not too fond of it. I can then play with these 3

I saw that a lot of the good clones have these in them, so maybe these are the “secret spices” …

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i dont think so either , i think the purity of a clean room helps with everything and these guys use stuff like saline and tons of sucralose to me its watered down sugar water lol the stuff ive tried lately anyway but i highly doubt there is a special cream i also think most of these big manufacturers are using Cap Tpa and fw they are the cheapest and the most well known i highly doubt they combine as many different manufacturers as we do it just wouldnt make since , they arent buying 4oz bottles they are buying barrels

dont get me wrong there is some good main stream juice out there but the real premium juice comes from diy imo just imagine a clean environment to work in the juice we make would be alot better tasting


i tested couple of additions yesterday to 2 mixes that weren’t as expected - both gave amazing results
1 - added some diluted lemon juice
2 - on another mix (of honeydew & berry cream that was too “blunt”) added some lychee zero-nic juice that i had lying around (10 drops to 10ml)

in both cases, the added flavor was totally hidden - but it caused my originally mixed flavors to become smoother and somehow pop-out. the lychee juice can be vaped on its own and tastes like icy sweet tomato - i liked it at one point - as an alternative to menthol - that i bought 5 x30mls and kept them stored - it’s made in Malaysia and relatively cheap

interesting how these tweaks changed my mix flavor profile - without overwhelming it… also in both cases, that peppery DIY taste went away.
very excited to try other additives like the Marshmallow and Cotton Candy, which i still haven’t ordered yet - but just wanted to share this interesting test with you. i think the premium juice makers have many of these secret spices and additives up their sleeves (beside too much sweeteners :))