Vg allergic reaction

Question guys have a quick question regarding vg. Has anyone heard oh someone breaking out with vg? My mom smokes this stuff that is 70 pg and 30 vg and when I made her a homemade batch of 50/50 she said she thought she was having an allergic reaction. I just made a 70 30 for her to see if she has a reaction but I thought most people here allergic to pg. anyone provide help on this as I don’t want her paying all that money when I have been making it for a few years now and never had issues myself! Thought please???

So, what type of symptoms make her think that?

Well I just had her try out one that was a 50/50 blend when she was at home and she said her face got real itchy after like a day or so. She ignored it thinking it was something else maybe she ate but then started breaking out on her face. She then stopped smoking the one I made her and went back to the store bought one and it stopped. I then looked up and read about the pg allergies and thought I would up her vg higher within an hour or so she started to have the same feeling on her face. I had she go into the store she buys it from and had her record the convo and he knew nothing about the juice beside saying it was 70pg and 30vg so right now she is in town and I just made a batch of it which looks exactly the same consistency she scared to try it as she feels she will break out again but I will get her to try this batch. I just don’t like the place she goes to as he can’t find anything on this product it’s called Minnesota’s finest.

While I hear VG allergies are possible, I’m not sure what she’s seeing is an allergy. Just the changes of what she’s taking in to her body can take sometime for it to adapt. Here’s some adaptation symptoms.

The most common side effects new vapers can experience include:

Mouth ulcers
A skin eruption known as "quit zits"
Sputum and phlegm
Luckily, these symptoms will likely disappear after a few weeks, but they can last up to a month.

If she’s really concerned it might be allergies a doctor should be able to test her for that. Could be something else in the juice too.

Were the breakouts zits or hives?

I have been a vaper for years last 2 1/2 years and I got her in the vaping world not long after so she has been vaping for about a year off store bought stuff. Her adv is just menthol with 18mg of nic. So When I offered I would make juice for her I made the 50/50 blend with the 18mg of nic and that is when she said she broke out in pimple like bumps but I really think they were hives did not get to see them as she lives in MN and I’m in Texas but hives is what it sounded like to me. Now she is in town I had her try a different bend I made for her flavor and she said the same feeling starting happening a few hours after and it was a 30pg 70vg blend. No hive type things as she stopped right away but the first time that happened to her it took about a week or so. But I’m going to test this as I made a 70pg 30vg with 0 nic using Tfa menthol so we will see how this goes once I get that in her tank “maybe I will sneak it in there…jk”. But thank you for all your replies man it really helps

Be safe. Any problems please seek medical advice. Better safe than sorry​:smile::ok_hand:

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