VG flavourings?

Has any one used VG flavourings? I realised that I have a funnel cake made by real flavours that is vg. Do they mix with pg flavours well? I guess they take longer to steep?


Shake REALLY well before using. Maybe even warm a little first to thin the VG a bit, but not too much heat. Shouldn’t take any longer than normal steep wise as far as I am aware, the flavour is still the same regardless of carrier.


I have not used any VG based flavorings as far as I know, but if I’m not mistaken I think @Plunderdrum uses VG flavors and I know he uses a lot of Real Flavors concentrates. Maybe he’ll chime in ( if he’s not mixing in the back seat of a Volvo atm :crazy_face: )


They mix very well with PG flavors. Be sure to select VG base under the flavor after adding it to the recipe. Other than that, use it like any common flavor you have.

Steep times can vary from 2 or 3 days to 2 weeks,. Can’t go wrong with 30 days, but I don’t wait that long even though it does taste more developed. I like to taste all along the steep to see how it’s doing. I recommend to try the flavor solo first. Maybe make 10ml at 3% and 10ml at 6%.

You might find a recommendation for 10-12% starting percentage, but I’ve had success with some RFVG flavors at 1-3%. I haven’t tried the Funnel Cake, so no concrete info here, unfortunately. Best of luck!