Vg food grade vs vg USP hits the difference?

If posted in the wrong place sorry but I could not find the answer to my question. My question is what is the difference between food grade and USP grade vg? I’m tired of taking the hit for s&h and waiting for the dilivery so I found a company near me that has food grade glycerin derived from palm at $14 a gallon and it’s 99.5 or 99.7 pure and I can get it the next day is it safe?

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USP = Pharmaceutical grade

Pharmaceutical Grade - for human consumption including by inhalation
Food Grade - for human consumption by ingestion but not inhalation
Agricultural (Farm) Grade - for use in connection with animals
Industrial Grade - for use in machinery, manufacturing and similar purposes


@Jooshwa I read a thread on reddit posted by a pharmacist in pa and he said that there was no difference. I have been making my own juice for a little over a year and never gave it much thought until I decided to get a little thrifty and now the questions are starting. And everyone knows that the only dumb question is the one that is not asked just want to make sure I don’t do something stupid.


I misquoted… USP is not a grade. It stands for United States Pharmacopeia, the body responsible for setting the standards.

But listed are the definition of the standards…I never really payed attention to the VG I bought as it comes from a well respected supplier of vape product.


If your in the states nicotine river is hard to beat, it’s like 13.00 a gallon and free shipping over 50.00 so I just make sure my order is over that.


@Cutlass92 I have ordered from them and Nude nicotine both products are very good but I’m not in the need for a $50 order and what I found is in my backyard. And the answers that I have found online only raises more questions.

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I buy PG VG from my local pharmacy it’s 99.5% sometimes and other times 99.8% always USP. I have also VG from vape suppliers VG 99.9% I realy can’t tell that there is somethink noticeably. They work all the same way and same taste for me.

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OK I went to the website and the product says pure kosher food grade & USP grade vg on the label but the product is for making soap.

thats ok…most VG is sold for soap and cosmetics…but is the same as VG for vaping…just the place you must be looking at does not sell vaping goods…thats all…Bulk Apothecary sells VG for soap an creams also…but many here buy from them for Vaping…its all the same…


If it says USP, it;s fine. VG is marketed for all kinds of applications, so even though it says it’s for soap it will be good for vaping. In my opinion, just food grade would probably be ok… probably. I just mean I personally would vape it, but wouldn’t feel comfortable giving it to anyone else.

Edit: Sounds like you might have been looking at Essential Depot. Amazon sells Essential Depot also, so if you have Prime it could be cheaper getting it there.


@ffrank no I live in Philadelphia and Googled vg in Philadelphia and a company that supplies candle and soap making supplies called Candlewick about 15-20 minutes from me had a 10 lb bucket for $13 just order online and select pickup in store. I figured it was a good deal don’t have to order a certain amount or $ to get free shipping and I get it the next day.

Sounds like a good deal for $13. 10 pounds of VG will last you quite a while.

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@ffrank yea I figured it is better than the 1liter bottles. I bought a liter of pg and vg from Nicotine River and I’m out of vg I mix 50/50 and the shipping costs are ridiculous I get 5 months out of a liter and sometimes I just don’t need to order a ton of stuff and I can imagine what the shipping costs are for 10 lbs of vg against 20 minutes and $5 for gas.

On Ebay it is advertised as VEGETABLE GLYCERIN USP FOOD GRADE 99.7% CLEAR LIQUID so it seems to me they are one and the same thing.

"This pure 100% USP grade food grade vegetable glycerine (glycerin or glycerol) is used in cosmetics food and body care products to assist in retaining moisture.

Application for Vegetable Glycerin:

Glycerin makes an excellent hair moisturiser.

Make homemade bubbles. Mix liquid dish soap, water and glycerin together to make bubbles for any occasion. To make bubbles color, just add food coloring of choice.

Excellent for extending cut plants and flowers life. Glycerin mixed with water will give plants a waxy like appearance, thus prevent them from drying out.

Also substitute for sugar in some case and make your E-Cigarette Liquid."

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