VG nicotine

what is the best VG nicotine out there for the smooth throat hit???

I’ve used Nude Nicotine and Wizard Labs, and love them both, but they’ve been in my freezer for way more than a year, so either company could have gone downhill since then (and by some people’s accounts both have)!

I am buying all of my stuff from RTS vapes

Supposedly wizard labs and ECX have really peppery nicotine. Nude has good stuff (from what I’ve tried) but there were a few issues in the distant past dealing with some concentration quality control issues. I’d stick to the lower strength stuff from them if I bought their nicotine. MFS has good nic, it’s what I’ve been using up until I switched to Heartland Vapes recently.

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I am newer to diy and have used wizard labs nic (because that’s where I order Most of my flavorings) is there still issues with their nic having a peppery taste? maybe I don’t notice it because that’s all I have used.

    Nicotine is the most harmful and toxic substances.They are highly addictive and harmful to the body. That is why smoking cigarettes and tobaccos is a bad habit due to its nicotine content but veg cegerrate has   no side effect.It added vegetables and beverages that we usually eat or drink everyday contain some amounts of nicotine.

I like this one never peppery I use 12 mg and it is not harsh