Vg & pg added in flavor profile

Hi I have most flavors are pg based, but one is a vg base , now can I put a vg base in my flavors profile and rest be pg, will this affect my out come off even, it’s just one flavor I want only in vg base, odd but it’s not a choice, so I only is is of pg base,

You can change the flavor to VG in your stash - it will calculate everything correctly…

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When I change the settings for flavors in my stash to VG or Other, the settings don’t stick. I notice also that if I set a flavor to ‘Other’ it still shows up in the PG percentages. Am I doing something wrong?

Wow, you’re right. Something has happened because it has worked before. I’ll look into it!

It should be working again. I was ignoring PG/VG/Other if you didn’t input a weight.

Now you can choose PG/VG or Other, and leave weight empty, and it will still work! :smile:

Thank you for reporting this!

So it’s ok now. I go to stash then do my flavors with one being other then do vg. Thanks every one appreciate the help

So it’s fixed now that’s great🙆
Hi every one karen here💯Free of smoke for two years now. Love coming here because I will get a honest answer an help. On Facebook you get cridasized for asking dumb questions. But we’re all here to learn and do our best.
Congrats to all who made it past a year smoke free.dont go​:back: :no_smoking:.

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Yes, it appears fixed now. At first it didn’t seem fixed, but it works now after restarting my browser. Thanks.