VG/PG content of nicotine

Hi All,

I’m very new to this DIY mixing. When using the calculator what do I enter in the PG/VG - content of nicotine? My liquid nicotine strength is 100ml. I notice it doesn’t change the amounts that much but really want to understand exactly what I’m doing. I made at a few very small batches and really wanting stronger flavours. I realise this probably doesn’t effect it greatly and its probably the individual flavours I’ve started with.

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Well most 100mg/ml nicotine is 100% PG. The bottle should state the base on it.

If you are after a strong hit from a vape It’d be useful to know what you are vaping on. The device, coils and wattage all impact the perceived strength and flavour perception.


Thanks for your reply.

I’m using a Dovpo Topside Lite with a Wotofo RDA set up with mesh and cotton. Wattage varies between 60-70.


I assume the mesh is around 0.15. 6mg/ml would be a slightly strong vape with that set up. You could go higher, I do enjoy blends at 9-21mg/ml in the morning but it’s excessive for most: Your diaphragm will do a number on you when that heavy.


@Prawny Welcome to ELR, and VERY wise for you to feel that way. ANY time you deal with higher levels of NIC, it is important to KNOW what you are doing, as mistakes can lead to MUCH higher levels of NIC than desired.

You stated you had 100mg NIC so that will be your BASE value. You can adjust your desired FINAL NIC level to your tastes. If you are sub ohming, typically you can use 3mg, if you are creating for pods, or MTL often times you can increase the final value higher, but use caution.

Lars has also made it very easy to SAVE a default level for your NIC, PG, VG so that every time you create a recipe those values will be loaded as the default, by checking the save as default value box.

What’s nice about the ELR calculator is it allows you to DOUBLE CHECK your values …

Another added bonus, is that Lars setup a very easy way to adjust the entire flavor percentage for the entire recipe, by clicking the blue wrench, and editing the total flavor percentage…


Mesh is 0.13

6mg/ml? As I’ve just started I’m only going on max recommended content. Concenrates I’ve got are Flavor West which are instructed around 9-14 on average. Maybe I need to go little more? I’m thinking its like the ready to vape juices where some are flavoursome and some are well off.

Trial and error I guess :slight_smile: :grinning:


Awesome info thank you


You’re very welcome @Prawny. NOW, as far as flavor usage rates, perceived overall flavor, that is an entire book in and of itself. There are MANY factors to consider, BUT, we can nibble at it.

Typically Flavor West flavors are fairly weak, so higher usage rates for many of them are common. I have NO clue what flavors you are using, and the total sum OF flavors in a recipe can ALSO change how much you use or need.

That easy flavor adjustment above is an EASY way to simply crank UP or DOWN your total flavor usage rate in a recipe, and many times that CAN increase your flavor. Without knowing exactly what flavors you are using, it can be hard to speak with specificity.

Are you able to share the recipe, so I can see exactly what flavors you are using and the rates ?? Also, what is your perceived issue, just not enough flavor ?


I don’t know your mixing skills, level, or experience, but when I first started out, I was typically OVER flavoring mixes. YES, hehe, sometimes if you push flavors too high you can reduce flavor.

Under flavoring can also lead to, well, hehe, less flavor as well. Typically it’s best to have no more than one or two MAIN flavors (used higher), and then supporting flavors (used lower), so as NOT to have all the flavors competing at the same higher rate.


Welcome! I just read you are using a profile rda. I love my Wotofo products and the profile line is my favorite. I use 70/30 with mesh. The mesh has to stay consistently saturated with eliquid AND not collapse under the mesh. Either will get you a horrible dry hit. Personally I would stay 70/30 and above. Have you tried a Profile Unity?! Best RTA ever besides Steam Crave tanks.


Are you tasting off the shake or letting the mixes steep?


@SessionDrummer yeah my overall goal is more flavour, I really enjoy strong juicy flavours (eg Sticky Finger range if you know them)
This is my first batch I’ve made up so I’m only using one flavour purely to experiment and get use to it all. I totally have to agree that I feel it’s purely the label FW being not that strong in flavour (I did read this a lot on this site after I purchased the order haha). I noticed this a lot when I was purchasing ready to vape brands as well.

I will look into other brands for my concentrates and review a little more before bulk purchases haha.I will more then likely look at recipes on here and buy the juices that way and slowly build and eventually experiment down the track.

Really appreciate your feedback its been a huge help.

Cheers mate


Small taste off the shake and then letting them steep for 3-4 days. But given I’m not getting much flavour I’ve put them away again for more steeping.


No I haven’t but will have a look at them as I am wanting to upgrade in the very new future.


Try adding one or two drops of sweetener to your sft; will help the flavor pop.


Ill give that a go whirl as well.