VG, PG, Flavor steeping time

if i put only VG,PG and flavor to make my liquid, it needs steeping time?


Generally, yes, I would steep as long as you would if there wasn’t nic. But why not try and experiment? Mix up a recpie…try it a pile days after mixing and then let it sit for month and see how it goes.


Steeping time is to allow the flavors to blend together and mesh.

Depending on the type of flavor you’re using the steep time may be longer than others.

Fruits and candies typically are ready immediately. It’s recommended you still give at least a day or three for the flavors to really come together.

Creams, bakery, and desserts take upwards of three weeks to really play well with others. Creams have a tendency to mute other flavors at first and mellow out after about three weeks of steeping.

It’s kind of like making beer. If you crack open that beer before it’s had a chance to sit in a cool, dark place for a while, it’s just not as good!

Mix yourself a good fruit or candy blend, for now. While you have something on hand, to vape, go ahead and mix up something to steep. Be patient and delicious things will be born of it!

Like @Chrispdx said, try and experiment. Taste is subjective. Everyone tastes things differently.


…with the VG.

The higher the VG, the longer it often takes.

Chemical composition of the flavor also plays a large role in the length of time (extract vs synthetic concentrate for example).

Think of traditional nicotine (not salts) as a “modifier” of sorts (with respect to steeping).
It too can affect the taste of a mix.
But the role it plays also varies, both with respect to the amount used (ex: 3mg vs 18mg/ml), as well as the amount of oxidation.


@100_VG, this is kind of what I was getting at. @Sprkslfly, kind of specific, but could you weigh in on what, if any, difference mixing 2mg 25/75 vs 6mg 1.5PG/98.5VG might be? Weird, overly specific question, I know!

Edit: I mixed one to test in my %s, then transposed to Max VG, I’m getting tons of flavor, 100_VG is getting almost nothing. Set-ups aside, just talking mix.

I mixed this for me to test in max VG, too. I can taste it really well at 2mg. My thought is that either x3 nic is the culprit, or his rig, or his sense of taste perception.

Throwing this out there for anyone to chime in! More the merrier.


I would expect only mino changes should need to be made… (largely because of the increase in VG). There shouldn’t be much difference between 2mg and 6mg in this aspect.

I typically mix 80-90vg… And honestly, I can’t imagine there being that big of a difference in 15-20% (80vg to 98vg). BUT, there are often some real and true surprises in DIY, that can only be learned by firsthand experience.

I trust your experience. But I also haven’t mixed 98vg often enough to comment with any “confirmed experience”…
My best guess would be that you might have to adjust your total flavor percentage up by anywhere from 10-20%. But again, that’s only an educated guess at best.

Personally, the first thing I would suggest is use heat when doing ultra-high VG levels. My historical preference is no more than about 130°F, but my methods are being revised as I continue to learn to work with using a Homogenizer (where trusted sources suggest 140°F).

Regardless, I would expect your biggest obstacle is the 98vg, and having the flavor permeate it.
If you don’t use heat, it may just be a matter of needing additional time. But my second thought is bump the flavor a hair.

All of the above is assuming with your tastes and equipment.

All bets are off under these conditions. :laughing:

You cannot draw any legitimate conclusions (IMO anyways) for a “one off” new user, whose taste buds are in God only knows what state.

Trial and error for the individual case is the key here. I wish you luck though.


99% of the issue is that above… adjusted your post, @Plunderdrum :+1: :tada:



I know with what you mix too… effects things.
I really do not have to wait long when using the ultras… at the most 5 days to sort it out how it will steep out even longer.

I also know… setups can mute, diets, supplements, medicines, and even your toothpaste can change the way you taste things.

Recently I am playing around with temp control and ss316… I find it does make the juices taste clearer… however… using all flv, there isnt much change in steeping as there is in taste.

I really love the sx mini auto squonker I have… been playing with it now for a few weeks and rethinking a few of my mixes because of it…

could be anything.


I totally goofed! It’s not actually 98% VG. It only has 2% PG-based flavors(including the 0.5% sweetener) , the other components are Alcohol-based! So, I’ll drop the latest trial version here, for clarity!

All insight and advice is great! Thanks, @Sprkslfly and @anon84779643!


Your numbers look fine (for the ones I know).
It’s either hardware or taste buds bro.