VG PG Nicotine solution supplier (UK)

Any body had any dealings with a company called Lubrisolve in the uk for there VG PG base and nicotine solutions?

Sorry, never used them!
I have been getting my pg/vg from Vapable and my nicotine from Pirates vape.
I have to say that the nicotine from Pirates vape is top notch! Worth the extra pound or so!

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I have not used them but there pg/vg seem ok price wise but there nicotine is expensive. is a lot cheaper.

I actually added them to my watch list as I saw them being recommended on reddit ( ). I still have a bit under 1L of my VG left but 16.99 for 5L of VG seems to good to pass. will definitely order from them next.

Over 3400 5L sold
Over 7000 1L sold

Numbers speak for themselves, I guess…

Apparently they have good nicotine:

There prices seem too good to believe but like you said the numbers speak volumes. Cheers for the reply

re prices seem too good to believe but like you said the numbers speak volumes. Cheers for the reply

It’s only like 4 quid difference between them and
1 quid more then Amazon seller with 5 star reviews from diy-ers.
It is eBay after all.

What prices you paying chewy for what size bud?

Have you tried the nicotine from here if vg or pg and was it peppery cheers John

I got 500ml from them, they are local to me so no postage charge, it is not peppery. don’t forget as soon as they put ‘VAPE’ in title there is a 1000% profit on it. lol…

The PG and VG from Vapable costs £11.99 for a litre.
The nicotine from cost me £19.99 for a 200ml 72mg vg base.
The nicotine has no peppery notes which has made it ideal for some of my more delicate flavours.
Both companies have been great to deal with.

These are quite local to me too especially the Stavely branch. Might have to take a sneaky pop in and have a look cheers for you input bud

Great thanks you too pal for your input and advise I’ll take a look round first time I get the chance. To be honest my head feels like it’s going to explode. But once I get the base solutions from which ever supplier then it’s test Tristan’s more test. Oh and not to forget to write it down. Have you got any experience with enhancers chewy?

Have you got any experience with enhancers John?

One of the things I missed when I started to vape was the throat hit I got with cigarettes, especially so when the nicotine % is low.
I purchased biteXtra FA which worked out very well.
It has no flavour and 1 or 2 drops per 10ml satisfied my needs.
A useful tool in the box, especially if you are wanting that hit.
Vape Wizard FA has also proved to be useful in smoothing out any harshness in the flavour.again small % work best for me.

Used them twice for VG and PG. Good price and good delivery. No problems whatsoever. Great customer service of you need to call them too. Didn’t use their nicotine. Used Darkstar for that.

Just ordered my first batch. Spoke to a really nice guy Called Mick. Hopefully it will be here before Friday. Your nicotine solution vg or pg and can you explain why?

I personally use VG nicotine because I find it smoother than PG. My liquid mixes are at least 70/30 VG/PG and often 80/20 so it makes sense to use VG. It is however obviously thicker and slightly harder to work with. It is personal taste in most cases. Others with more experience could discuss that further.