Vg & pg ---- q&a

Hi all,

A beginner here at EJR. Have got my flavours ordered but don’t know when they would arrive (no tracking update from DHL), so it will be a good surprise when it does get home. Anyway, I have been trying to source thing I can get here locally like PG, VG and other stuff. Yesterday I got these please have a look at them at ached . The packed date for PG is 01 /2014 and VG is 06/2016. After doing some research I am sure if they would work well with mixes since they seem old or expired with neither USp or BP certification. Any help and advise most welcome and appreciated. Thanks




I would dispose of all shown, properly, in accordance of local laws in your area. Could purchase new USP or equivalent grade PG and VG. I would not trust two year old chemicals that have been out of my sight for ingestion purposes.


Thanks Bob, I don’t feel safe either. Guess I will have run to the shop and get return or an exchange. Thanks again.


My advice for beginners is to use the most popular ingredients at first. That way, when the mix doesn’t work well, troubleshooting the problem becomes easier. Once you have successfuly mixed several recipes, then it may be a good time to start exploring unfamiliar territory. I may be wrong, but this seems logical to me.


Got a refund :slight_smile: also got a USP grade Glycerine. Oh and i found a shop selling Propylene Glycol, he’s out of stock but will be back this Sunday. Will post a pic for ya’ll.
Thanks BTW :slight_smile:


Yea man, I totally understand what you saying but it’s hard to come by standard products here so we have to compromise, look up alternates or just go fukit. None are good. Just a thought but is it stupid to run to bakery store to fetch a vanilla essence drip a few on VG and cloud… Just for the heck of it.

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