VG/PG ratio

I am new at this am trying to using the calculator and I keep getting a ratio error when the pg vg is just not working

It’s a balancing act. Figure what nic percentage and adjust PG or vg % up or down til there is no errors. What mg nicotine are you using and what’s the ratio?
You can get a lot of good info about mixing your own eliquid if you follow this link.

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If you get PG/VG-ratio errors, you are better off checking off Max VG - that way you won’t be adding any PG - only what’s in your nic base and flavorings :smile: Otherwise as @NewDrip says, it’s a balancing act.
Normally you’d use the PG/VG ratio if you like a specific PG/VG-ratio and there isn’t enough PG in your nic base or flavorings.


Don’t forget that the calculator looks at the flavorings as well; whether they are PG or VG or other. As @NewDrip stated, it is a balancing act to get the Red Banner of an incorrect ratio mix to go away! It’s there to help, really!!

Make sure to understand one fact and this might be a little easier on you. The flavoring you add is normally PG based and will deduct from the PG totals. Your nicotine usually is VG based and will deduct from your VG totals.

A 60/40 blend (60% VG and 40% PG) with 12 mg nicotine with 20% flavor should look as follows

VG based nic 12%
VG base 48%

This makes 60% VG

PG based flavor 20%
PG base 20%

This makes 40% PG

You now have a 60/40 blend and all %s will add up to 100%

You see a error when the PG + FLAVOR % value exceeds the DISIRED PG you set or VG + NICOTINE exceeds the DISIRED VG you set. Also be sure that your flavors are stated correctly (PG, VG, OTHER)