Vg/pg- what comes first?

Right a question for someone or all maybe, I have recently taken to DIY mixing ( oh what fun!!)
I used to vape pre purchased 70/30 mixes ( diamond mist mainly ) I always thought that the first number ie in this case 70 was PG and the second was VG (30) am I wrong as looking at the everyone else on DIY section VG comes first ??? went on diamond mist website and they insist there mixes are 70pg/30vg , can anyone shed some light

Most vape shops that I have been to sell their stock liquid as 80pg/20vg or 70pg/30vg unless you request something different. Many folks in the DIY world vape subohm and prefer higher vg content in their liquids as it produces more vapor and a smoother throat hit, therefore we often place vg first in our descriptions.


STEWY YOU STAR !!! , so I have been diy mixing and sticking to 70pg/30vg which is right ,as thats the way i like it uhuh uhuh ta

Traditionally it has been PG/VG, but in the vaping community people have taken to say VG/PG - it’s confusing, and people usually have to say for example 80VG or max VG or something like that… Most use more VG than PG nowadays… I remember when liquids were only PG :stuck_out_tongue:


yep cheers , good stuff knew I would find my answer here !!!

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I tend to put 70/30 vg/pg people tend to know what I mean :grinning:

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I’ve always labeled pg/vg, just because ‘p’ comes before ‘v’ in the alphabet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh, those were the days. I’m glad they’re over!


I always try to stay as close to 80% VG and 20% PG as the recipe(s) I’m mixing at the time allows …

… and then some of us quietly rage at the people who put VG first when talking about their ratios.

I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you label it "PG/VG"or “VG/PG” but I think most people assume PG/VG if you don’t specify.

Still, it vexes me when people list VG first.


When people ask me about my mix ratios, I usually say 80% VG or 75% VG depending on the actual ratios …

I’m a pg/vg guy. It’s easier. Alphabetically. :nerd_face:

Personally, i do VG first then PG
I am noticing my recipes do better with 60VG 40PG as far as flavor.
I was doing 80VG but as they steep my flavor goes away.
Its sad because i love a smooth, big cloud hit. But in my world…flavor prevails!

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Yup… for some folks, a higher PG content is a must; I’m one of those. :wink:

I was hard headed in the beginning and didn’t listen to @daath when he said PG was the better solvent for carrying flavor… I made a great amount of tasteless juice and kept wondering why! After I experienced a blind taste test (my wife helped me with this experiment) using 2 different base mixes (50p/50v v.s. 20p/80v)… Only after that experiment was I convinced that (for me) PG was indeed the better flavor carrier.

In my notations, PG will always come before VG, because that’s how I’ve written down it from the very beginning of my mixing life. To each their own… but folks should always notate in their scribblings to the world, which solvent in their base takes higher precedence.

60P/40V v.s. 40V/60P = Who cares… right? Just notate it. :grinning: