VGod Fallout, Vaping360

Vapers who DIY are among the community’s most committed and best organized. Many see themselves as the vanguard of a resistance to oppressive FDA regulations, including the coming war on e-liquid flavors. The E-Liquid Recipes site includes an active forum for DIY mixers.

The company apparently was forced to take down its Facebook ratings after many angry DIYers posted one-star reviews. The comments on recent VGOD posts on Facebook have also been taken over by sarcastic and antagonistic remarks.


Good press Lars, and Team ELR. Just passing this on, that is all.


So finally a real apology and not just an excuse :+1:

It is nice to see this pan out in a good way and even give a bit advertisement for ELR. Makes me wonder if this has affected ELR hits and signups in a positive way.

Love their choice of image used in the post… “Ok, ok, we are backing down” :smiley:


If it gets someone to quit smoking, take an interest in improving their vape experience (eg mixing) great. That’s how I see it. Granted though we didn’t totally show our best professional attitudes.


Yea but it was good that the vaping community stood together… and with one voice said


That apology is total BS, it smells like backpedaling in response to the DIY community outrage

Good job guys…


Yea but it’s probably the best form of apology we get…


it was a great thing to see the community come together to protect our home , some of the comments were out of line but a lot of people have called that " passion " in the past , i hope we can accept V-Gods reason and move on from this and bury it , lets be bigger than the offender forgive and forget , when it all comes down to it we all make mistakes and we all are a piece of the vaping community ty @SessionDrummer for the link it was interesting to see how it all unfolded


I agree with everything you have said. No we didn’t fight fair, we fought until he was down and then we stomped a mud hole in his butt . No it wasn’t pretty from his point of view but it gives me hope. Please remember who started this fight , it wasn’t us. They asked for a reply within 10 days , they had our reply within minutes.
I hope this added attention will indeed rally the troops. I am grateful the article mentioned how we are a bit like the watchdogs of our community although the article gave us more credit than deserved IMO. I would love to see the same passion every single time our community is attacked.
No , we didn’t show our professional attitudes… instead we fought like our lives depended on it and I could not be more proud!

I know fighting a jackass over a Cease & Desist threat is nothing compared to the battle we are facing but it gives me hope nonetheless.

I have no problem doing that and I am sure that the majority feel the same way!


I was wondering why your reply took so long based on the system had been indicating that you were replying for a few hours or so. I do however understand why it took some time, with this very vivid and colorful painting :laughing:


LOL , I am multitasking. I opened to reply to this but we had a problem at work so I am also sending pics to my boss and texting with him at the same time.:grinning:


I doubt that 1-star ratings and bad reviews on the FDA’s facebook page will have any effect, they’ll even use it against us.


It would if we bought stuff from the fda… but we don’t so no consumer power there… fda I guess is for the vape lawyers to deal with…


Once again, it’s this is a great forum/community to be a part of

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I guess they thought we would be a non-vocal, minor part of the community.

Wrong! Oh how wrong they were…

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I’m glad Vgod apologized… but just reading your comment made a image pop in my head of yellow brand calling vgod

Yellow brand: we’ve compiled a list of sites that have the words vgod clone. One site is questionable it’s a DiY site with clone recipes

Vgod: Send them a letter also… we want no vgod clones. Beside there’s nothing they can do.

Edit: not saying this ever happened but still the image popped in my head


Agreed @fidalgo_vapes

I don’t think many will forget, and some may forgive, some may just let it go, but all the while still remembering.

This is also very true.

You’re welcome @fidalgo_vapes. Also thanks out to Wayne Walker, Vaping 360, and the countless others, inlcuding Reddit’ers who helped blow this thing up. And let’s not forget @daath without whom, there would have been no place TO post all of the lovely lil’ “clones” in the first place.


i dont think many will either , and i probably shldnt have put forget lol


Not at all @fidalgo_vapes It is NEVER the wrong time to take the HIGH road. I’m fairly sure that now, after I’ve read more of the responses, V-G## did not target ELR. I think their Big Yellow Team didn’t do it either (intentionally) but left everything up to their scraping results, i.e. V-G## Clone(s). No one bothered to LOOK, RESEARCH, or DECIDE whether or not the ELR results were VALID, RELATED, or WORTHY. The scans were done, data was tabulated, and the wheels started rolling. Automation isn’t always great IMO. V-G## is, and will take a big hit for this. ALL PR is NOT good PR.

I cannot speak to the numbers of DIY’ers who purchase V-G## juice or equipment, as I never have, and have only heard their name in passing, and not much to do about their name or products. DIY’ers are much like gamers (hehe, I know this for a fact), as they can have a very LONG memory, and are VERY connected online, and can become VERY motivated when required, hehe.

I wish Big Yellow, and V-G## all the best, or whatever they can scrape back together.

IMO, the big takeaway from this is the connection of the DIY community, that is easy to forget.


The kind of reaction they got will cause them to tighten up their processes / policies, these days a big reaction is the only way to get things done.