Vhb; for the love of god: WELCOME :)

VHB isn’t much like any other FB vaping group I’ve visited.

Unlike just about everywhere else VHB welcomes newcomers to mixing and members enjoy helping them take their first nervous steps instead of taking the mickey or putting them down for asking stupid questions. (A typical VHB response incidentally is “the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.”)

And that’s the other reason for ‘setting the recipes free’ - it means that VHB can better focus on the training and education of the thousands of vapers who will be pushed into mixing by the dreadful new laws coming into force across Europe later this year.


Dumping all the recipes into ELR and getting VHB members to start using ELR is just stage one.
A big part of the second stage is to make sure that original recipes are acknowledged and linked but I’m at a loss as to how we can tag them as being part of the VHB Collection without having a duplicate. Right now I’m too tired to figure a solution to that conundrum but will look at it again over the next few days.

But as to which one to rate and provide feedback on - that’s easy: back the original recipe and it’s author where you can identify them. VHB is purely the curator and can only take credit for bringing the recipes to your attention.

ps. I’ve been lucky enough to taste Claire’s Coconut Cream Pie and I promise that it’ll be well worth making!


Cool, will do. And thanks for doing this! :+1:

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I haven’t even heard of Chef’s Choice flavoring :confused: It sounds good though! :smiley:


The Chefs Choice range (and also the Aristo-Cat range sold by The E-cig Shop) are actually re-labelled Cupcake World concentrates (under contracts that prevent the resellers from using the original brand names).

Maybe because they are primarily made for bakery use, the strength of the flavours is highly variable ranging from 1-3% in a few (eg. Cream) to over 30% for others. The relevant pages on Chefs Vapour’s website frequently offer a suggested mixing proportion and I’ve built up a list with a few more but until mixers report further successes with their experimentation, using these concentrates is a bit hit or miss.

Well that is cool we’re not being invaded ! I am excited for your new endeavor good luck !!

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Hey BV, any idea where us Colonists can find Cupcake World flavors in the states? That recipe looks tasty. But I can’t find a source for that Devon Cream flavor.

I don’t think any US company imports Cupcake World concentrates (and obviously it won’t be apparent if they too are relabelling it).

I’ll try to make contact with someone ‘up the foodchain’ at CCW and see if they’re willing to let me know. And if there isn’t a current distributor, if they’d be happy to be approached.

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Thanks. I really want to try that Coconut Cream Pie recipe. But not knowing anything about substitutions for that flavor I don’t want to assume what it tastes like. Do you guys have a list of subs that can be used for those flavors by chance?

I’ll ask Claire for suggestions.

Not only has Claire come up with some delicious recipes but she’s also another VHB admin and the only other person I trusted to input the recipes accurately. I’m a fan! :wink:

She doesn’t get much free time (and it’s damn busy behind the scenes over at VHB right now) but I’ll suggest that she dives in here when she’s got a moment.


Hi guys and thank you so much for the interest in my Coconut Cream Pie recipe :smiley: It’s a shame you guys can’t get Cupcake World concentrates as Devon Cream is a beauty. I’ve been going through my stash of cream concentrates (I have a fair few) and it’s a tough one, but if I had to sub it, I would probably use 1% CAP Vanilla Custard v1 and 0.5% FLV Cream.

In fact, I’ll mix a sample this weekend with the VC and Cream at 1% and 0.5% and see how it compares to the original and let you know, but it’s a long steep, so will be a while before I can let you know how much of a difference it makes


You will find here on the forum that same sentiment…in abundance. Can’t really say the same for the folks who just comment on recipes but even with that, most folks are genuinely interested in advancing the DIY community as a whole. Glad to see an influx of respectable folks come along!


Yes, love new recipes, thank you VHB for sharing. However, a lot are public recipes from the web/facebook/other recipe sites, already on the site under different names or sometimes the same names, and are duplicates. It’s very time consuming pulling up the same recipes over and over again. It’s gotten so bad and frustrating.

I realize you will be continuing to edit over the next few weeks. I am glad you all are here, thank you for your time and efforts. That doesn’t change the fact that this and many others of the recipes you are imputing already exist on this site, and really is creating many many duplicates. I do love the influx of new recipes, and am enjoying new life on the site.

However, myself and I’m sure many others are going to be frustrated and upset until there is a fix for the duplicate situation that already existed here before you started sharing, that is already out of hand. Daath has a really great site, and myself and many others are really hoping that a fix for the situation will eventually be found. Thank you again so much for your efforts, and welcome :smiley:

Is there any way to set certain users on ignore so we don’t see their recipes when we do a search? It’s not VHB I’m referring to, but there are certain users that adapt for themselves and repost every recipe they mix, even if it’s already on the site, just a different volume or max VG or base mix, or stuff like that. Would love a way to limit those to make it easier to navigate recipes, it’s very very frustrating. It’s gotten so bad with duplicates :frowning: