Vhb; for the love of god: WELCOME :)

There are only 3 possibilities

  1. He is loco
  2. He is a loco robot
  3. He is a loco robot sent from Mars to destroy this website and its integrity.

Anyone that doesn’t know what I’m ranting about and thinks I’M the loco one, look at the latest recipe feed on the main site and then click his username. Take a look at how many recipes he’s duplicated, spammed us with. So many to-be ADV’s would have been lost in there thanks to this guy.


Weird. Thats a lot of recipes in a very short amount of time. I wonder what that’s about.

@daath Do you know if this is something to be concerned about?

579 recipes since 2/1 seems a little on the high side. I think he is posting the recipes he has listed in the pdf’s on his website:


I’m too lazy to check and see if any of the recipes here match the pdf’s, but I’m going to pretend I did and say yes, yes they do.


I think he might have made his private recipes public all in one go which would explain the time factor, at least he has not rated them all 5 star…


That’s true. He seems legit. Posting all those recipes so fast is probably an unintended dick move. Those pdf files he has on his site has some interesting info in them.


Amen to that John.

Oh btw @daath. I only just noticed your post which you tagged me in many months ago regarding the flavour warnings haha! Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

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Nothing to be concerned about - It’s a collective of ~3700 mixers from a facebook group called Vaping Home Brewers :slight_smile: They should be done inputting their stuff in the next 48 hours or so :slightly_smiling: They seem like pretty cool guys and gals :slightly_smiling:


Looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Mixed up the Strawberry lollipop one yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out in a fortnight.


Sweet , so glad it isn’t a hostile takeover from Aliens or the FDA!:dizzy_face:
Time to go see if they submitted some custards baby , sharing is caring!:sunglasses:


Greetins Earthlings - we come in peace!


As daath has said, we’re a group of just over 3,700 DIY mixers mostly based in the UK and the recipes that you’ve noticed appearing are part of the collection of 600+ that we’ve gathered from all corners of the vaping community but largely submitted by our own members.

Where we’ve included somebody else’s recipe then its there because we believe that it’s a great recipe and we will do our best to include a credit (and, in time, proper links to the original recipe) to acknowledge the creator wherever possible.
We’ve taken this step to move our collection over to ELR to make them available to the wider vaping community rather than have them hidden away in largely unusable text files, accessible to only our members.

What you’ll see by the end of this week will still be just a work-in-progress that will have (at least) several weeks more work before it’s properly presentable but there’s no feasible way of getting to that point while keeping this part of the project ‘dark’.

And to calm any fears:
our members have been specifically requested not to rate any recipe that they haven’t personally tried precisely to avoid any up-voting game. And if we find that any have done so, the VHB admin team will issue stern warnings to the members involved and do anything we can to repair the damage.

And because VHB members tend to be a chatty bunch (rollseyes) they’ve also been requested to limit their comments under recipes specifically to matters relating to that recipe and keep wider discussions to either our FB group or maybe here in the ELR forum.

To go back to rohin7’s original question:

VHB is not a loco robot sent from Mars to destroy this website and its integrity.
But after too little sleep and a lot of stress, I do feel a little like a loco robot.
And let’s face it, nobody in the right minds would take on a project like this…

I’m happy to answer any questions and deal with any problems - either here or in IRC when I make it in there under my “bv” identity or if something comes up that’s more urgent, you’re welcome to message me direct on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.drake.ceedee

Back to the last batch of recipes… :flushed:


Cool beans!


Good luck and best wishes on your project!


That’s a lotta recipes to sift through…you have a top 50 list or something of the sort?


Lemme know what you find! I’ll do the same!

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Spoken like a true robot using 1 of the 3 rules of robotics to make us feel safe and Isaac Asimov would be proud g
btw nice looking pdf ebooks, you all did very well on them!


Luke I am your father… welcome to the ELR… can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking :slight_smile:


Well, that’s good news! Welcome then! :smile:


Wowza. 3700 members. Very cool. Kinda makes me wonder how many we have here. A billion ga’jillion? Lol. I can ack myself up.

Thanks for sharing your groups hard work. Always looking for more inspiration.


It’s not been possible to rate any of the recipes so far because they’ve only lived in text files (and later our Recipe Books).

In time, our members and ELR users will rate them and I dare say some will rise like the cream but I’d hate to try to pre-judge the outcome…

One recipe that I expect to be up near the top so far hasn’t even received a single vote!


Lol, that’s the first one I pegged to make. Just gotta order a couple flavors.

Quick question @BathVaper. I notice some of these are posting twice. Once in the bulk upload and once by the individual mixer. Is there a preference as to which one we rate and comment on? Seems like the quality of feedback will be diluted with double posts.