Via /r/electronic_cigarette: "Mothers Milk is full of Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl according to report."

via /r/electronic_cigarette: “Mothers Milk is full of Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl according to report.”

Not happy to see this again. Especially as I love the worst ones for this. About to start DIY but in the meantime I was under the impression that companies had done away with Diacetyl etc?

Full of Diacetyl isnt accurate, it is many many times less than a cigarette. It is pretty acetyl propionyl heavy tho. Just know that if you dont smell puke it had a diacetone in it. Butyric Acid is the replacement and is a component of vomit which is where the smell comes from.

Personally i havent jumped on the diacetyl scare train, simple research shows they people who contracted popcorn lung were subjected to insane levels of the substance all day long.


I haven’t either; all things in moderation.


I personally can barely tolerate Butyric Acid, it makes me cough my brains out. With the levels of diacetyl in our vapes being so low im not very concerned.


I sighed deeply when I saw that thread and contacted Pip (the owner of SB) about it.
Apparently the person who ordered these tests is on a crusade to keep Suicide Bunny out of Italy and France, and has been known to cause controversy. Now, in essence he’s just stirring up the hate again by using a sensationalist view on the situation. As far as I know, that thread is nothing more than a personal vendetta against Suicide Bunny.
What doesn’t get enough attention in the thread is the fact that cigarettes still contain 90% more Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, and the fact that there are no clear signs that the so called “popcorn lung” is caused by these chemicals.

I got these labresults from a UK shop that sent out their own bottles for testing and they show no alarming results.
90% of all custard/cream/butter flavors, even DIY, will contain a trace amount of diketones. If we follow the reasoning of that thread, we should ban all creams, custards and buttery flavors and start vaping menthol cigalikes.
I, for one, won’t be scared into that. I smoked for 20 and didn’t get popcorn lung, I sincerely doubt I’ll get it from vaping…


Thank you. All of you. You have just put my mind to rest as this was one issue I have seen talked of so often but thought it was a dead issue…but am new enough to Vaping in the last year that I sort of missed all of the talk of this until very recently. I didnt pay much attention to it thinking it was a dead issue and was alarmed when I saw that yesterday.

Sorry for bringing it to your attention as I realize now its likely a frustrating issue for you but I am also glad I got the information that I did on it, as well about the person trying to keep it out of France, etc…


None of the juices I ihave smell badly. In fact they all smell delicious.
Capn Krunch
Swedish Pastry
Bavarian Creme

I’ve seen people suggest they need to air theirs out for 24 hours to get rid of a 'smell" but for the life of me, I havent ever smelled what it is they are referrring to.
I do know on the Vanilla Custard one i have, I am pretty sure i taste vodka in it but thats the only thing i can determine as a person just about to DIY.
I am sure with a bit more experience i will be able to determine these fragrances much easier than I appear to be doing


Is it not the strawberry ripe used in the recipe that makes us cough?